Super Mario RPG - Part 71: Barreling Through and Meeting Hinopio

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Now let's get back to this fiery mess!

We're now at the upper ledges of the cavern, where the giant monster we fought used to be...

I make a left, then get caught into another battle with an Oerlikon trying to jump to the higher parts of the cavern, and his two friends: Chained Kong and Armored Ant!

The Armored Ant has a few tricks, such as a fear-inducing Endobubble, and a self-boosting skill!

I manage to avoid the waking Vomer on one of the steps...

In the next chamber, there's more Oerlikons, and another giant monster blocking the way forward...

What to do at this point? What to do?

I decide to say "whatever" and face the Corkpedite!

I take care of the giant monster first...

Without his body, the Corkpedite collapses in the next turn!

I get into another battle that I run away from!

In the next area, I have another battle with another giant monster, a short-fused Stumpet!

When Stumpet gets angry, he unleashes his volcanic Backfire, hitting Mallow with severe damage!

But we finish him, and Mario, and Mallow level up!

In the next area, I have Mario get the chest block filled with 100 coins. We also see an imposing Toad with flames on his cap. This must be Hinopio...


He introduces himself as so.

Hinopio: "This place is a regular INFERNO! Come on, step inside!"

We head into his store: the Hino Mart.

There's some model planes in the corner, and the left one is an Arwing. I don't know about what the other planes are, though...


I check Hinopio's wares after looking around for any Surprise Blocks.

He has an item shop: with Mid Mushrooms, Maple Syrup, and other general goodies.

He also has an inn.

I check the armor shop: all of it is all Fire equipment! I take the lot and equip everyone with Fire armor!

After switching Mallow for Bowser, I leave Hino Mart on the east exit.

After taking our leave, Hinopio goes back to guarding his store.

I save at the nearest block and take a look at the next area. It's filled with lava and flame monsters! Noticing my FP is low, I rest up, save again, and stop here.

The resting spot in Hino Mart is just a bunch of crates!