Super Mario RPG - Part 70: Barrel Volcano

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I enter the royal hot spring.

There's the hot spring, surrounded by four King Nimbus golden sculptures!

king nimbus hot spring

I have Mario read a note at the corner, warning about the volcano at the edge of the cloudy cliff...

I have Mario go to the southeast edge...and down he goes!

mario volcano fall

A really long drop later...

...and we're in the volcano!

barrel volcano ent

The music in the volcano is really gritty and citylike.

I have Mario head over to the lower right passage, taking care not to touch the lava on the way...

I pick up two Flowers from two chest blocks, and head back, accidentally slipping in the lava twice as we go up to the upper parts of the volcano...

Now our first battle in the volcano, with two Magmus and an Armored Ant!

The Lazy Shell is a really big Koopa Shell!

With Mallow's Snowy spell, they're finished!

Geno levels up, learning...nothing for this level! I boost his physical stats.

In the next room, I get another Flower from a nearby chest block!

I manage to also get 100 coins from another chest block, while almost getting into another battle with a Magmus!

In the next chamber, I get a Star, where I knock off a Magmus, and other newer monsters I don't know about in the next of the new monsters was enormous, and shook the ground!

Now to the west tunnel, where there's a Vomer (Dry Bones) and a Chained Kong, another Donkey Kong lookalike!

The Chained Kong thins the volcano's "a tad warm..."

We get a Max Mushroom after that battle.

Now moving forward. On the way, there's a Frog Coin situated atop the lava. Now, how do we get to that coin?

But a Pyrosphere stops my train of thought...

In the next corner, it's more hotfooting in the volcano!

I take note of where the ground is, since the isometric angle of this game sort of makes it a bit tricky to cross.


That's one of the monsters we knocked over while in Star mode, a Corkpedite! My god, he's huge!

After taking care of him, there's the Corkpedite's body that's remaining!

If I fall in the lava, Mario doesn't take damage, but gets kicked back to the beginning of the area.

In the next area, I have Mario jump on platforms, where a Frog Coin is!

There's a lot of unreachable Frog Coins in this volcano!

I'm in another battle with another giant colossus of a monster, the Stumpet!

But the Stumpet's a short-fused monster, as he's now getting angry, probably to prep for a powerful attack in the next turn like the Heavy Troopa!

Luckily, we stop him, and proceed into the next room...

...where there's two chest blocks: a Flower, and a Frog Coin, and a save block!