Super Mario RPG - Part 69: R&R in the Hot Springs and Other Sidequests

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After looking at the map for this area, I find out there's another way to reach those treasures we missed when Mario fell down from the palace to the hot spring entrance!

Aside: Looking at some videos on YouTube, I noticed that to have the eggs bounce off during the battle with Birdo, I had to have the party defend for a turn, not make a timed block! Oh well...

Back down at the beanstalk section of Bean Valley, it takes me an almost huge number of tries climbing the vines in order to reach the remaining chest blocks. Everytime I reach the far green vine, I end up falling, until I hit a hidden yellow platform above the gold vine!

And I accidentally exit the game while trying to take a screenshot! AAAAAAAAakfjksldagjhasjfask!

This time, the climb's now shorter since I now know where the vines are situated, though it's still a bit frustrating reaching the long green vine.

Inside the four chest blocks are a Frog Coin, a Rare Scarf (!), and two Flowers.

rare scarf get

The Rare Scarf raises defense both physical and magical!

I equip the new accessory to Geno.

I head back to the Nimbus Shop, and sell the sailor equipment, and get more items.

The Ghost Medal sells for 800 coins!

Everyone in the city's happy that the real Prince has returned!

I head into one of the houses...

croco stealing again

...and what have we here?

Croco's up to his old tricks, looting the city, but he has an item that detects hidden treasure!

He scurries off, but not before bumping into the wall, and dropping the item!

signal ring get

So the Signal Ring, when equipped, detects hidden treasure! Thank you very much for dropping this, Croco!

With this, I save and stop by Garro the sculptor's house!

Garro praises Mallow for everything he's donw.

every bit a prince

Mallow thanks Garro for pulling off the feat, and Garro's happy in his mind that everything worked out for the best...

I notice there's a smiling Mallow (^O^), Peach, and a Goomba in the corner of Garro's studio.

When I return to the sculptor, Mallow's statue's toppled over...

While exploring outside, I accidentally reach an invisible ground, where a Shy Away is nearby!

shy away invisible

The Shy Away is "busted"!

He gives us a Fertilizer if we let him go his way.

We get the Fertilizer!

Wait a minute, since we have the Seed and a Fertilizer, there's one task left to do!

I go back to Rose Town and give the gardener the Seed and Fertilizer...

The Gardener reacts in pure excitement, talking so fast even the music's trying to keep up with what he's saying, and Mario gets super dizzy, and faints from his long, excited wall of text...

...the Gardener says he wasn't finished yet.

Mario gets up, and shakes his head.

After lending him the seed, the Gardener now goes on an excitement spree after realizing we have Fertilizer, mentioning the Shy Away clan, who have cultivated it for years. He also tried to get some in Bean Valley, but failed, and that's most of what he said...

long wall of text

Now the fertilizer...

The Gardener now uses the Seed and Fertilizer on his empty soil pot.

Gardener: "...Nothing's happening."

Until something does!

beanstalk grow

Mario's in shock at the rapidly growing beanstalk before his very eyes! Lol...

The Gardener's astonished as well!

The Gardener now runs in rapidly moving circles, talking about how having a giant beanstalk is comparable to "winning the lottery, only without the taxes," also mentioning airplanes, geese, and the Happy Gardener Monthly magazine, and so on, and so forth!

winning lottery

He asks Mario if the plant could use more fertilizer. Oh my god...

mario fall flat

Mario's facefall shakes the heavens!

I have Mario climb the beanstalk.

Lol...honestly, that scene with the Gardener was one of the funniest moments in this game!

I have Mario climb, up high to the sky, where two treasure blocks are located!

One of them has a Lazy Shell! No, two of them have the Lazy Shell!

One Lazy Shell is a weapon for Mario, while the other is armor for Bowser!

At the risk of being magically vulnerable, Bowser gets super high defense when equipped with this!

Like the Gardener, I seem to have hit the jackpot too!

Heading to Monstro Town, I hear a 1UP jingle at the entrance. There's a hidden chest block in this area!

I find it, and inside is a Frog Coin!

Now to save here.