Super Mario RPG - Part 50: Into the Sunken Ship

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We leave Seaside Town and head out into the sea!

The music here's the same dungeon music from Kero Sewers.

I drop down from a stack of crates and have Mario talk to a mysterious hooded figure...

hooded figure

He sells a variety of stuff new and old, such as weapons like a Super Hammer for Mario, and the Hurly Gloves for Bowser. Other wares included Sailor equipment for everyone, and a Nautical Dress for Peach.

I get some Able Juices and sell the Wake Up Pin.

The hooded guy tells me more stuff as to why there's a Sunken Ship. A giant squid sunk it! He adds that some people went into investigate but never came back... ☹

In the room behind him, there's a save block, and treasure blocks behind a stack of crates.

I save here before heading out.

I head back into the shop and take the south passage, where more crates and a bunch of starfish are lying down...

I hit the chest block, which has a Star in it! Using the star, I knock off most of the starfish blocking the way back!

After wearing out the Star's power, and knocking most of the starfish away, Peach gains a level! I upgrade her magic power!

I slowly proceed onward, not wanting to touch, or wake up the starfish...

Now in the next cavern, there's a whirlpool to take us underwater, a chest block high on a ledge above, and the passage south...


Taking the south passage, we're now outside, at the edge of the ocean...


I have Mario head back into the cave, and swim in to the whirlpool, which allows him to walk underwater!

Once inside the tunnel, a burst of pressure pushes Mario up to the surface...

...and we're now at the ledge where the chest block is!

The chest block contains a Max Mushroom, which recovers all health! Now this is an item I need to use sparingly!

I have Mario jump into the whirlpool outside, avoiding contact with the Blooper.

We sink into a pipe-sized opening, above the remains of a ship's mast...

inside sunken ship

...and we're now inside the Sunken Ship! Here's the music for the level.

There's floating masked spectres, or Greapers, above our heads, vanishing and appearing at will, in the next room!

The Greapers are quick, using Deathsickle (which lowers the accuracy of the target), and a Lightning Orb as their opening moves!

Their partner, the Reacher, is a powerhouse himself!

Geno gains a level, and I boost his health!

There's more Dry Bones and haunting Greapers in the next room, along with a note posted on the wall!

The note is a travel log, which tells us to find 6 hints, which are written by different people.

Another monster called the Straw Head also joins the fray!

At the next hall, there's more red rats, or Alley Rats, patrolling the staircase...

I use half of my Honey Syrup supply before starting the descent.

Gorgons are also part of the Alley Rats' party as well! And they're powerful too!

At another battle, Mario levels up! So does Mallow!

I increase Mario's health, and Mallow's magical stats!

Aaaaahhh, these battles are endless!

I manage to escape that one and make it to the bottom deck at the staircase, and collect the chest block, which has 10 coins!

After reading a map online, I turn back and head to the save block on the ship, which is at the door to the right in the room where we entered!

Before I do that, I switch Peach for Mallow, and have him heal Mario.

On the way back, I pick up a Flower at a corner behind a stack of J crates!

Also, I notice a note, which reads:

"The door to the cellar is locked with a password consisting of 6 letters. In order to proceed, you'll have to decipher the password using the 6 hints."

After saving at the room, I find another note:

"We've managed to trap the giant squid in the treasure cellar. The treasure will sink with the ship it goes!"