Super Mario RPG - Part 49: Seaside Town

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world map seaside town

We now head to Seaside Town, which has the same music as Rose Town.

The town looks empty...

I talk to a pair of gray Toads before a house. They're guarding something.

I save my progress at the inn before trying to figure out what's going on here...

The Toad innkeeper standing on the table says the rooms are on the house. I'm reminded of Breath of Fire again...I have Mario pass that offer.

I head upstairs. Nothing to see here...

All of the Toads are gray-looking, and they can't stop pacing.

One mentions that to get into the ocean, I have to jump in the whirlpools...

I also have to meet with the village elder in his house. But, where is it?

One Toad in another room tells me I have three Star Pieces to does he know that?

Heading northwest, I see the ocean.

ocean or lake?

I head back, and go to the lone house without the spinning mushroom signs: the Elder's house.

Heading upstairs, I see a frog reading a book...he remembers us back when he was a tadpole!

frogfucius student

So he's traveling to "find himself," in a way.

Frogfucius's student also notices something's quiet, and not right in the town as well.

But he can exchange Frog Coins for items!

There's a See Ya (can run away from battles), Earlier Times (undoes a battle), an Experience Booster (doubles the wearer's XP), a Coin Trick (double the coins when equipped), and a Scrooge Ring (cuts FP use in half!).

I head downstairs to talk to the Elder, who's been expecting us!

pleasing my superiors

The way he said that phrase "pleasing [his] superiors" raises my suspicions about him.

He tells us that there's a Star Piece in the ocean that we need to get for him.

He also mentions that the Star Piece is in "Jonathan Jones" territory, and that we can beat him (or at least that's what he thinks).


One of the "shopkeepers" mentions a "pirate", which he dashes to his other friend, comes back, and corrects himself, mentioning Jonathan Jones again.

The other "shopkeeper" mentions Jonathan Jones too...

I head to the next room in the shop building, where a "customer" walks around the stall. The "shopkeeper" there has supplies like a Bad Mushroom, a Muku Cookie, and bombs!

I purchase two Bad Mushrooms, and leave to the inn to save.

Seaside Town is probably a pirate town, I'm guessing.