Super Mario RPG - Part 48: Frogfucius Again and Star Hill

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Frogfucius: "I have the latest news, children. A large star's been sighted on Star Hill."

With that advice, we head over to Star Hill.

world map star hill

The place looks very mysterious, its music ethereal...

I have Mario head up to a sign that reads that the huge star with a keyhole next to it is a Star Gate leading to Marrymore. All I have to do is to talk to the flower, and the gate will open.

I have Mario check out the other Star Gates...there's only two: the west goes further into Star Hill, and the east Marrymore.

After talking to the flower near the west gate, the keyhole widens enough to let us through!

star gate open

After crossing through, Geno explains that we're in Star Hill, where the wishes of the people fall down here. But, unfulfilled wishes are falling because the Star Road is broken.

There's a lizard and a nearby mole, which after touching the mole, turn out to be enemies!

mukumuku battle

In a battle with the two moles, or the Mukumuku, I get another "LUCKY!" flower!

While activating the flowers, I realize I can also talk to the smiling little stars, or the wishes. One wants to start a family, another hopes their baby is cute, a third wishes they had Cricket Jam (Frogfucius!)...

I touch a bandit in blue, and I get caught into another battle with him and two Pulsars! The thief runs, and one of the Pulsars performs Migraine, KO'ing Mallow!

After taking care of them, Bowser gains another level! I increase his attack!

While looking for the next flower, I stumble upon reading a wish that Mallow gets angry at us for looking at! Oops!

mallow angry

Mallow apologizes and shakes his head, saying he's embarrassed about his wish. It's okay, Mallow. It's my fault for looking...

I light up the five flowers, opening the next gate!

In the next area, I read Toadofsky's (?) wish: he wants to get a new melody.

Two bandits in blue, the Sackits (until one runs away!), two Mukumukus, and two Geckos now...

The Mukumuku's attacks consist of them throwing stuff, from fish to Bob-ombs, to bones! ☹

The Geckos, though, are more dangerous, and have Sleep-Sauce, Fun and Run, and Venom Drool!

I wonder what Mukumuku's Missed Me! move does?

After the battle, I switch Mallow for Bowser!

I look at another wish, probably from Chef Torte, who wants to be a world-class baker.

Another new monster I'm facing: the Mastadoom...

One wish has someone wanting to be a treasure hunter, another wishes Mallow would find his way home...

Mallow jumps in shock!

mallow shocked

The wish is from Mallow's actual parents!

Mallow begins to sniffle...but stops himself, and tells Mario we should move forward!

I head over to the next area.

After lighting up five flowers, I find the fourth Star Piece at the north crevice! Aha!

fourth star piece yes

We get the fourth Star Piece! Yes!

mario star piece get

Here's the progress I've made so far!

four star pieces

"You've come a long way, but your journey's not over yet. There are 3 more Star Pieces."

Now let's get out of here!

After lighting the sixth flower, the gate opens!

Before I head out, though, I read another wish from Luigi...

better plumber

I wonder where Luigi is in this game?

I cross through the gate, which takes me back to the World Map!