Super Mario RPG - Part 47: Playing a New Tune

At Tadpole Pond, I decide to play another favorite tune that the tadpole gives me: The soulful Moleville Miners' Song.

moleville miners notes

I save my progress at Melody Bay.

Okay, I'm back!

I head back to the tadpole to get the notes again.

I look back at my previous comments again to figure out which note goes where on the scale.

I manage to get the Moleville tune on the second try, and Toadofsky jumps in excitement, filled with inspiration like last time!

The composing Toad gives us a Tenor Card!

tenor card get

I save my progress and head to Frogfucius for where to find the next Star Piece.

Before I head to him, I check what I can buy at the club store: a Froggie Drink, an Elixir, and a Megalixir. I leave since I don't have enough coins to spare.