Super Mario RPG - Part 45: Return to the Mushroom Kingdom

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The Toad guard at the entrance greets us, and Peach shows herself to the Toad guard.

peach returned

She tells him about her " friends" who she owes a lot to.

I have Mario go up to her bedroom, where she greets her "grandma", the housekeeper, hello.

After visiting the guest room, I head forward to the throne room to meet with the Chancellor.

The Toad guard announces Peach's return!

Every Toad gathers around Mario and the Princess.

chancellor relieved

The Chancellor's worried that Peach wasn't going to return.

Peach tells her subjects that she's fine, and she can take care of herself.

She praises Mario for helping her out too.

They take her place, where the Princess takes her place before the throne, and thanks Mario for everything he's done.

She now asks him one thing:

why trust bowser

The Chancellor is now puzzled by what she asked Mario...

A low growl is heard, and Bowser, Mallow, and Geno pop out!

The Chancellor is in a bit of a shock at Bowser teaming up with Mario!

chancellor puzzled

what's going on here

Bowser growls, and everyone flees in terror!

Peach tells everyone to calm down, and that Mario has the situation under control!

Everyone goes back to their places, still shaken by Bowser's presence. Peach now asks Bowser to explain himself.

Bowser's trying not to tell them the truth about the Smithy Gang kicking him out of his own castle, fearing his "reputation" will be

Mallow now starts the charades, explaining to the Chancellor and the Toads about the whole situation. Mario jumps away.

As Mallow explains, Bowser's the castle, and Mario's the sword, down to the expressions and all!


Bowser: "They've thrown me out of my own...I mean...I decided to take a vacation!"

Oh Bowser...

Bowser: (to himself) "They can't do this to me!"

Bowser explains that he's trying to get back his keep, and says Mario was the one that begged him to join his Troop.

Mario jumps and furiously shakes his head "no, that's not true."

Peach laughs and knows that Bowser's the one asking for help.

bowser stretch truth

The Princess now asks Mallow why he joined Mario: to find his real family.

Peach is shocked!

dreadful awful horrible

Aside: Now I'm really thinking of using this as a reaction pic.

Peach now asks Geno why he's traveling with Mario. He explains.

So now our next quest is to get all 7 Star Pieces...

Peach is still puzzled. Then Mallow explains it. Peach is shocked again! She finds the news "dreadful! Awful! Horrible!"

But she couldn't tell if it actually is awful, I think...

Bowser, Mario, Geno, and Mallow fall flat to the floor...

Geno points out an example that if Peach were to get kidnapped by Bowser again and she prayed to be rescued, her prayers wouldn't be answered.

Bowser wants the quest to be over. He doesn't like that quest.

Peach throws it back at him saying that "[he] can kiss his [castle] goodbye" if the Star Road isn't restored! Oooohhhhh!

Bowser's now thinking to himself that he has the Princess but he can't get his castle back...oh my god...he's deciding what to do...

bowser thinking

But he wants his castle back, so if he wants to get it back, he needs to help Mario get the Star Pieces...he asks Peach to repeat what she said earlier. She ignores him.

The Princess demands to find the rest of the Star Pieces now!

The Chancellor is in shock!

He's implicitly not letting her join up with Mario! She's told that she has duties to fulfill.

Disappointed, and a bit sad, she decides to go up to her room and rest. She tells everyone "good luck", and leaves.

The Chancellor is about to declare a holiday for Mario's rescue of the Princess, but then stops...

He's now figuring out that it was Smithy who attacked the Mushroom Kingdom...

He asks for Mario's help again to defeat Smithy.

The party nods in agreement.

peach not joining nooooo

So Peach won't be joining us after all... ☹

We greet the Princess in her room goodbye before leaving...