Super Mario RPG - Part 44: Reopening the Chapel

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As we leave the anteroom, the congregation outside is already in the reception room!

Raz and Raini ask Mario if it's safe to continue the wedding now that Booster, or "the creepy guy" as Raz calls him, is out. Mario nods yes.

The couple continues living their happily ever after...

restart wedding

Raz tells the congregation they're going to start from the top again.

The green capped Toad is shaking, he really needs to go...

I head back in and save.

At the chapel hall, the congregation is in awe at the newlyweds at the altar.

The green-capped Toad really really needs to go, poor him...

cant hold it

He runs off to the bathroom.

I continue talking to the congregation, still in awe. Toadofsky The organist who thinks he's Toadofsky is playing a tune on the organ...

toadofsky organ

Raz and Raini say "I do." Mario presides over the wedding. He nonverbally tells them they're married with his "Star Get!" pose!

now pronounce you man & wife

There's also another couple at the reception room waiting for their turn to get married...

I head outside, where a family is waiting to get their picture taken.

photo session

I have Mario be part of the photo...the photographer tells Mario not to pull a "long face".

Photographer: "This isn't a funeral, you know."

Mario brings out his best pose, the one where he gets a star!

The pic's taken!

I wander around Marrymore a bit before heading out.

But Peach stops us, and asks us if we're going back to the Mushroom Kingdom. She mentions the Chancellor's concern for her.

chancellor waiting

I say yes.

We leave Marrymore through the main entrance, since the other exit doesn't warp us back to the world map.

I wonder what would've happened if I said no to Peach...

Now I see Mario walking back to the Mushroom Kingdom on foot.

world map

Mario leaps through high cliffs and Tadpole Pond easily to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom!

I talk to the citizens who welcome us back. The Toad running around wants to marry Mario in a few years...then I hear a random noise...not!

At the Item Shop, the Shopkeeper welcomes both Mario and Mallow back. I have Mario sell his Hammer.

I talk to the Toad who had his wallet stolen from Croco, and he gives us a Frog Coin that he found from there, thinking it's ours!

I head into a house, where I read a note posted on the bedpost: this is Raz and Raini's house!

raz raini note

One of the Toads asks me if I rescued Peach from Bowser, who he calls a "good for noth..." Then, I hear the same strange noise: it's a growl from Bowser!

A blue capped Toad inside the west house is trying to make his meal like the one pictured in his cookbook.

I go see the jumping baby brother Toad in his bedroom who tells us he can outjump Mario now. I have Mario say "impressive".