Super Mario RPG - Part 43: Marrymore

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Here's the music for Marrymore.

I wander around the inn, talking to the guests. One sleeping Toad mentions a Casino in the town. One couple wants to stay in the suite, but it's a bit pricey.

lobby hotel

I buy some stuff from the shopkeeper, who's also the innkeeper, and his wares range from Happy equipment (Happy Pants, Happy Shirt, etc.) to a Super Hammer! I buy a new weapon for Geno, and a few Mid Mushrooms, and Maple Syrups.

Now I climb up the steps to face Booster...

But the guests at the chapel are outside, probably kicked out by Booster and crew! One guest mentions that they were in the middle of a ceremony before the Snifits came in...

The about-to-be wedded couple, Raz and Raini, are thrown out of the chapel by the Snifits!

snifit chapel

Snifit 1 mentions that they've barricaded the door to prevent anyone interfering!

The small Toad in the green-dotted cap is shaking. The narration says he really needs to go!

I talk with the rest of the guests outside. One mentions that it's the first time a "perfect couple isn't going to live happily ever after..."

One Toad is in shock that the "totem pole"-faced Booster is marrying the Princess.


I talk to the Snifit behind the doors, who says the front is locked, and tells us not to go to the back either, since it's locked, or he thinks it is! Lol! Thank you, Snifit!

We go around back to interrupt the wedding...

There's a short crate I can jump on, but where's the back way to the chapel?

I almost forgot that I have a Flower Jar I need to use, which I do!

I accidentally stumble upon the back door, and head down to where two chefs are making the cake.

I have Mario jump on the wedding cake!

Chef Torte, and his apprentice, are not happy, and they shout us down from the cake!

Chefs: "You fools!"

I climb the stairs, where the Snifit is barricading the door!

The Snifit tells Mario (he thinks it's not Mario, since he believes that he can't get through the front), and Bowser "can take a hike...and jump on out!"

I have Mario jump to make sure that it is Mario who he's talking to.

Snifit 1 tries to run to his boss to alert him...but the door's shut tight.

He asks for our help in opening the door!

It's all about timing, the Snifit tells me, as I take a few tries with the Snifit in busting the chapel doors wide open...

We have to hit the doors at the same time to open them. I'm really bad at this part...

We eventually barge in, with Snifit 1 tackling Snifit 2, and opening the anteroom doors!

They now alert their boss that we're here to stop him!

Booster tells them not to interrupt him, and to shut the doors!

Peach calls out to us.

I save at this point before proceeding.

The Snifits have no doubt they could stop Mario, but they didn't count on Bowser...

bowser shows his might

Bowser: (laughs) "Gwa ha ha ha! I'm lightning in a bottle! I'm an earthquake in a can! I'll bust this [door] open in no time!"

Bowser then tries to bust the door open, but fails!

This is probably like with the Snifit in the previous door.

I have Mario talk to Bowser, and it's confirmed.

We barge through the doors, where we charge past the barricading Snifits, which pushes Peach down, who falls, and Booster, to the altar!

Peach is having it no more!

my things

She cries...poor Peach... ☹

Booster tells the Snifits not to interrupt him again, and starts the ceremony, but he notices Peach crying.

He thinks she's "leaking" water from her eyes, and tastes her tears. They're salty, he says.

Snifit 2 points out to Booster that she's crying. Booster's still not over the taste of Peach's tears, which according to him, taste "like the sea." My god!

They point out to him that her wedding stuff fell off of her. He tells them to pick up her gear before Mario comes in, unaware that he's here!

Mario jumps at attention!

The ceremony continues, and before the Snifits hop to finding Peach's gear, one of them tells Booster to switch places with Peach, as he's supposed to be on the right, and her on the left.

The Snifits then find Peach's wedding stuff in the pews...

...except for the Crown! I hurry and ask the Snifits for Peach's stuff back, and grab the crown from Booster's head, and talk to Booster.

Peach rejoices, but she jumps very high in fright!

Because of Bowser appearing with Mario...

She does trust Mario though, and is about to give him a kiss...

Bowser interrupts, pointing out that he also saved her, therefore he deserves that kiss.

Booster's now angry too and is stomping furiously. He also wants a kiss. My this for a kiss...

anger at chapel

Peach is getting confused, and then starts to kiss Mario...

...but she misses and Booster kisses Mario instead!

booster x mario


waht the

Peach giggles at the sight.

Peach: "Now that's one for the scrapbook!"

She requests Mario for her leave back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Booster has a bad feeling his wedding is going to be crashed, which it already is!

Chef Torte and his apprentice enter the chapel with the cake! They're now...angry that Mario's leaving with the princess...and that there's no one to eat their cake!

Chefs: "You fools!"

We now get into a battle with the Chef, his apprentice, and the cake! Oh my god!

chef cake battle

The Chefs, or the Tortes, are invincible, but their layer cake, called Bundt, is not!

Their slapping attacks are called Stop It! and Stop! Stop!!

I have Mario perform Super Flame on the cake, no good!

After ruining their cake a few times, the Apprentice pokes Chef Torte.

He notices their cake's moving!

Chef Torte's riding on the "inconceivable" train, and the battle continues!

We hit the cake some more!

The Apprentice now notices the cake's moving again!

Chef Torte thinks he's lying again!

Now it's moving! They both jump in fright, and run away!

The cake's alive!

The cake's candles are now lighting up!

While taking a short break, I accidentally switch the game off while I was trying to pause it! Aaaaasajfskljldsfksgjdljkdfjkls!

Lucky I saved before the altar, though!

Back to the battle. The cake now performs two moves at once! A Mega Drain and a Diamond Saw are its first attacks!

This cake knows a wide variety of attacks! And they are strong ones, especially the Diamond Saw!

We eventually blow out the candles and take care of the top layers...

top layer gone

So the cake's a Raspberry flavored one, huh?

Now I see why the cake can attack twice, it's two monsters in one, or a two "layered" monster!

After some damage at the cake, the Snifits interrupt us, and tell us not to damage Booster's cake further!

snifits stop

Booster comes along, and he's not happy that his cake is about to be ruined!

Snifit 1: "There's a 70% chance that the object you're standing on is a cake..." Lol!

Booster's surprised that he's standing on the cake! He jumps off, and wonders next how they're going to eat this...he decides to boil the cake! He asks his Snifits if that's agreeable...

Too messy, Snifit 2 says.

Snifit 2 proposes swallowing the whole thing as it is!

The Snifits encourage Booster to eat the cake. But, he doesn't jump at the challenge immediately, feeling underprepared for it...

The Snifits circle around the cake.

Before he eats it, though, Booster notices that it's moving! He senses something's not right.

The Snifits then throw the whole cake at him!

booster eat cake

Booster tastes the cake...'s so delicious that he cries in joy! Lol...

The Snifits announce the wedding's over now!

Booster "calls it a wrap", and he and his minions leave the chapel...

End of battle!

Mallow levels up, learning Shocker! I upgrade Mallow's health!

Peach labels Mario "her knight in shining armor."

Peach is still in shock that she almost got married to Booster, or as she calls him, "that thing!"

peach joins us


Princess Toadstool, aka Peach, is a playable party member too! I wonder what her abilities are?

So Peach is a healer, with Therapy and Group Hug as her spells!

I also have her equip Booster's "bad smell[ing]" Amulet, which delivers a status boost to everything!

I leave the chapel and save at the anteroom.