Super Mario RPG - Part 42: Booster Hill

where peach

Now Booster has Peach and heads up the hill...but doesn't realize he has her! He wants to play "hide-n-seek" with her! Eeeee...that sounds creepy... :grimace:

Peach also shares my response. She does not want anything to do with him, and asks him politely to let her go.

Mario catches up with Booster.

Booster declares Mario to not be invited to his "wedding" at the top of the hill! Plus, he mentions that he didn't get to practice at the rehearsal the scenario of when Mario pops up...

Booster obliges to race us, and says to not interfere in the wedding.

Hi Toad! He explains the Booster Hill track race!

We can only move left and right and jump in this minigame!

If I touch the Snifits or any rolling barrels, I'll gain more distance between us, Booster, and Peach...

If I reach Peach, I win Flowers to upgrade my Flower Points!

The race begins!

I manage to reach Peach once, getting only 1 Flower from the race! Oh well...

Mario makes it up the hill, where a flashing neon "Congratulations" sign, and an arrow above pointing left is posted, and pursues them westward!

marrymore grounds

I'm now at Marrymore, where the Toad at the entrance notes the amenities in town: the four-star hotel, and the wedding hall.

She describes Booster as a person who looks like a "totem pole". She says that he went up the steps to the hall.

I stop and save at the inn here before interrupting Booster's "wedding".