Super Mario RPG - Part 4: Mushroom Way

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I check the menu to see if the Mushrooms Toad gave us are there, and I'm off!

I run into a few more Goombas along the way...and there's Toad on the other side of the shrubs, cornered by a Goomba!

There might be times in battle after I take care of an enemy, where a flower pops out, giving Mario "HP MAX!", or fully restoring Mario's HP.

I check the menu again, to see Mario's stats. It seems Mario gets weapons and armor in this game!

first steps

So the treasure chests in this game are like blocks and I can get them by jump-punching the chest from below...

I make it to the other side, and rescue Toad from the Goomba and I get another item!

honey syrup

I'm guessing like in Paper Mario, the Honey Syrup restores Flower Points.

In the next area, more Toad saving!

toad rescue

I take care of a Goomba standing on a spinning flower and use that to jump to the area where Toad is captured by a Sky Troopa!

For rescuing him, I get a Flower Tab and use it to increase Mario's Flower Points by 1!

I clear out any treasures left in this area! One of them increases my FP by one!

In the next area, a Lakitu's dropping Spikies!

And I die battling one of the Spikies!

I have to watch my health this time!

But, I reach level 2, and I get to choose a bonus! The gameplay is similar to Paper Mario!


I choose to get more attack and defense power.

I'm still getting used to how the battle system works in this game!

After rescuing Toad twice again, I take caution of the Spikies ahead in the next area! I try to jump to battle the Lakitu, but he's too high to reach!

At the end of the area, Toad gets himself in a pickle again!

hammer bro 2

The Hammer Bro and his hammer doesn't like us! *gulp*

I move closer to get Toad out, but the Hammer Bro gets angry...

Looks like these are the first bosses of the game (not counting Bowser)...

hammer bro boss

They do a Hammer Time special attack!

After jumping on one of them, he goes down, but the other bro Valors Up! He's getting serious!

I finish him off with three Jumps, and I get a Flower Jar!

Toad tells us the Mushroom Kingdom's ahead!

Toad now studies the hammer left on the ground and gives it to us!

hammer get

Toad says "bye" and whizzes off to the Mushroom Kingdom!

I head forward, and use the map to go back to Mario's house and save there!