Super Mario RPG - Part 39: Dropping the Masher

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I head back to the Tower to follow Booster in the passage he went through, but I can't go any further!

We'll have to take the long way up...

bob ombs tower

On the climb up, some Bob-ombs are walking in squares on the steps. The Bob-ombs' palette look different in the tower...

...because they're Rob-ombs!

Their attacks are mostly run-and-self-destruct!

I see you hiding behind those curtains, Booster! Don't try to run! But he runs away!


Instead of following him, though, I head to the middle passage, where there's a chest block...

I fail to have Mario get the chest block and fall down. Mario lands at the seesaw room where the Bob-omb is!

Climbing up again, I get into another encounter where I face another monster called a Remo Con...

After a battle, Geno levels up and learns Geno Boost!

I increase Geno's health!

After another battle, Mario levels up too, and I increase his attack and defense!

I fail at my second attempt at getting the chest block...

On the way to my third try at the chest block, Mallow levels up too, and I give an attack and defense bonus to Mallow!

I also manage to succeed on a timed hit with Bowser!

On the fifth try, I jump on the seesaw, sending the Bob-omb flying up and away!

bobomb blasting off again

The moment the Bob-omb comes down...

...I gain a big enough boost to hit the chest block, which contains a Masher, or an upgraded Hammer!

masher get

Then, another falling noise occurs...

...the Masher from the chest falls and hits Mario on the head!

Mario recovers from the blow and I stop here!