Super Mario RPG - Part 38: Toadofsky & Melody Bay

After asking a tadpole's favorite song: Frogfucius's Suite #18, I head off to Melody Bay.

My composing skills aren't very good... ☹


I meet Toadofsky at the other end of the bay, who offers to give us lessons on how to "play" Melody Bay.

I head back to the tadpole at the entrance to memorize the scales of Frogfucius's Suite (So La Mi Re Do Re Do Re) and head back to Melody Bay. I'm also told by the tadpole that Toadofsky likes that melody...

I ask Toadofsky how Melody Bay works. It's also a pretty good basic refresher for me too...he explains the scales:

In between lines two and three - Do
Above - Do Re Mi
Below - Do Ti La So Fa

I try my hand at composing Frogfucius's Suite a few times.

I succeed on the third try, and Toadofsky jumps in excitement, his hands and baton shaking in joy!


He thanks us for playing the suite, and gives us an Alto Card, which gives us a membership to the Juice Bar here!

After checking out the Frog Coin Emporium, I look at the Juice Bar wares, which only has a Froggie Drink and an Elixir...