Super Mario RPG - Part 37: Enter Booster

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Up at the tower, I jump past the assembly line of Snifits heading downstairs...

...and we hear a voice, probably Booster's, in the middle of the hallway...

Well, what an intro! Booster, with his back turned to us, makes an entrance standing on top of a train!

booster enter

Booster: "I'm Booster, and this is my famous tower of amusement. Normally, I welcome visitors to play with me and my Snifits. However, a girl fell out of the sky and into my lap recently."

He turns to face us now. He tells us that he's trying to "entertain" Peach.

Booster: "So please enjoy your own risk, that is!"

He opens his big maw, probably to laugh, and the train moves away...

The music's now changed!

While leaving the corridor, I notice Booster running back to the corner where he came from on the tracks.

We turn the corner, where the tracks continue to a gap. I have Mario walk there, where I get a Flower Tab!

I walk back to where Booster went, but a Snifit stops us!

Geno's almost out of health from the Snifit's Bullet Bill!

I head back to Moleville. Heading in the shop, I notice there's a new shopkeeper who's opened up a Miner's Store! The Toad has a Lucky Jewel that I can get in exchange for 100 coins. I have Mario say no.

I then buy some Mid Mushrooms before buying the Toad's Lucky Jewel. I read online that the Lucky Jewel can increase the chances of getting a flower (like the "DEFENSE UP" or "ONCE AGAIN" flowers, I think) in battle.

I also stay at the inn, where I get rumors from the innkeeper about a music-loving Toad going off to Tadpole Pond...

We decide to pay a visit.