Super Mario RPG - Part 36: Booster Tower

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After saving back at Moleville, I switch Mallow for Bowser (sorry, Mallow!).

His model in the menu always has him staring at the camera...

I enter Booster's Tower. Here's the music for the interior of Booster's Tower

I talk to the Snifit sitting at the reception desk. He says Booster's busy, or that we can try to force our way in...

We do so!

Bowser's unarmed attack is just him clawing at the enemy!

The Snifit shot a Bullet Bill (I think?) at Mario!

I use Bowser's only special ability: Terrorize.

I have to rotate the Control Pad, but in which direction?

After taking care of the Snifit, I pick more fights with two Spookums and a Jester...

The Spookums and the Jester have a wide variety of special attacks!

Jumping up to the second floor, a Spookum is maintaining pictures of his boss, or the ancestors of his boss.

booster family line

All the Boosters look pretty funny-looking, and a bit creepy...

I also notice a Spookum quivering in the corner...probably sad that we took care of his friends.

creeping booster

As we go down the line of succession, I notice the actual Booster creeping around in a dark corridor...he runs as soon as we get closer...

I head forward, but more Spookums marching downstairs change my mind...

I head downstairs, and into the room behind the reception desk.

A Bob-omb is standing on a seesaw. I do a little bit of jumping gymnastics before fighting him...

bob omb on seesaw

...or not! I head back.

I'm guessing that Bob-omb is going to be very important later as we climb the tower.