Super Mario RPG - Part 35: Hi There, Bowser Here

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The tower does look like an upside-down pyramid of sorts...

booster tower map

At the foot of the tower, we run into...Bowser! He's looking at Booster's Tower, missing his castle on the hill, and pondering about the "good old days" where he was the main villain.

good ol days

Bowser: "I miss the good old days...Toadstool screaming in terror, Mario rushing in to save her..."

As he turns around to face us, Bowser's weeping like Steven...and jumps at the sight of Mario!

Then he turns his back to him, telling himself to calm down, and not let Mario see him in that state.

Bowser tries to be "nice". Almost sounding like Mhxb cenpgvpvat uvf zbabybthr jura ur gevrf gb or tbbq. I also notice someone's peering at the entrance from the that Booster?

He then turns away again for a bit, trying to get more "confidence" in himself.

He asks Mario in a not-nice way what he's doing at the tower.

Bowser then mentions Peach would be crying if he were to kidnap her...

Meanwhile, Peach is in the tower's balcony, weeping. She then hears voices from below, but doesn't believe it's them...she peers down...

Peach's reaction is priceless!


Peach: "Mario~!!! I'm up here!"

Bowser's glaring at me, or at the camera...and recognizes Peach! He's now laughing, and decides to head back to his castle!

Bowser: (to Mario) "Outta my way, shortie!"

He jumps, causing the ground to shake, shifting Mario to the left, and leaves.

I have Mario go to the door. It's locked...

As soon as we go to leave, whoosh!!!

Bowser comes back!

That was quick!

Bowser realizes that we're trying to rescue Peach, and tries to get all the glory for himself!

Bowser: (to Mario again) "Outta my way, shortie!"

He rams his shell through the door!

koopa troop

Bowser's now thinking that we want to join him! Bowser's saying that he's probably going to regret doing this...

koopa troop join

In his mind, we're the ones joining Bowser's "Koopa Troop", not the other way around...

What a surprising turn of events!

I also get asked for a tutorial on "Switching" allies...I say yes.

Toad pops up again for the explanation. Hi Toad!

So I can switch up to 2 allies to go into battle with, but I can't take Mario out for a rest...

I got spoiled with the fact that Bowser (naq Crnpu gbb) was going to join the party eventually, but I didn't realize how easily he we would join us him!