Super Mario RPG - Part 34: Booster Pass

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Before I leave, I speak to a few moles around to see if one of them has Fireworks to give away. One's wishing he had a Carbo Cookie, while another mentions the awesomeness of Booster's Tower.

I finally find a mole in the corner of a house tent who's making Fireworks, but it's very costly to get: 500 coins.

I have Mario shake his head very rapidly and check my inventory. Looks like I have enough for one. I ask the mole again for one, and give it to the mole outside in exchange for the Shiny Stone.

I check everyone's equipment and save at the inn before heading out to the Booster Pass.

At the entrance now, and I see a Lakitu hovering and sending down green-shelled Spinies!

The pass is very rocky, with lots of hills...

While surveying the area, I get into an accidental encounter with an Artichoker!


The Artichoker is just casting Static E! so far...

As I cross into the next area, I wander around, picking up a Flower on the ground!

There's green Spinies in deep pits on the rocky plateaus above here...

I accidentally fall into a crevice below, where I fill up the pits containing the Spinies, collecting coins on the way.

At the next area, I'm back at the world map!

Now that was a pretty short trip!