Super Mario RPG - Part 33: Three Snifits and a Beetle

Outside the house, a Snifit is calling to a "Mr. Beetle," and mentions a person named Booster...

come back beetle

Three Snifits are chasing a flying beetle for some reason.

beetle comes

They jump over Mario, trying to chase the insect, and the beetle lands on Mario.

The Snifits are not happy Mario has the beetle, saying it's a present for Booster!

The third Snifit's funny...

They mention that Booster likes beetles, but can't catch his own. I wonder why...

princess sky

They mention 'A princess from the sky'. Could it be Peach?

The Snifits demand that we hand over the beetle to them. The third Snifit is pretty polite about it.

The beetle flies away...and the Snifits run after it...

Now what was that all about?

I notice a mole behind crates, so I have Mario jump past them. The mole has a Shiny Stone to offer us. But, she wants some Fireworks in exchange for it...

One of the moles passing by also mentions Booster, who lives in a tower.

I save my progress at the inn, and stop here.