Super Mario RPG - Part 3: A Little Tutorial

The music here is a nice rendition of Mario's main theme.

Toad's inside Mario's house...

Toad asks Mario to explain what happened. Mario charades to Toad the whole situation.

Mario jumps on the table, walks on air, and falls, telling Toad the bridge to Bowser's castle is out.

Toad wants us to go to the Chancellor to tell him everything that's happened...

I try to leave, but Toad comes back again...

hp bump

Toad tells us the fall from Bowser's castle reduced our HP.

He gives us a Mushroom!

He asks us if we know how to use items from the menu. I say yes.

Toad also tells us that Mushroom Way, or the way to the Mushroom Kingdom, is filled with monsters!

He also asks if we know about 'Timed Hits'. Is the 'timed hits' feature similar to Paper Mario's battle system?

I have Toad explain 'Timed Hits'...with a tutorial battle with three Goombas.

The battle system is similar to Paper Mario's. I have to press the button at the right time for extra damage! The same goes with defending and "special skills" too!

Toad tells us to read about "special skills", and the battle ends!

Toad reminds us about our mission, and gives us three more Mushrooms! Thank you, Toad!