Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 2-2: Jungle Slider ~Raging Rapids~

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Aside: (lategame spoilers) Guvf cybg ubyr jnf fbeg bs va zl zvaq: Jul qvqa'g Yrbevan yrg Xybabn naq gur tnat pbyyrpg nyy gur Ryrzragf naq gura fgrny vg jura fur jnf qvfthvfrq nf Onthwv? Abgr ng gung cbvag, fur unf na Ryrzrag va ure cbffrffvba. Jnvg, arirezvaq, V'ir svtherq bhg gur cybg ubyr. V'z thrffvat vg'f orpnhfr fur jnagrq gb grfg bhg ure evat ba gur Oryy bs Qvfpbeq.

Back for another session, and it's off to the water slide ride now!

Klonoa's in awe at the ride.

jungle intro

jungle slider

Popka brings out the rental board!

And I find the first grammar typo (?) here from Lolo: "You can go anywhere there's a surface to slide on."

can't swim

Oh, Klonoa...

This is actually the first time, to my knowledge, the franchise mentions a trait of Klonoa from Klonoa himself: he can't swim.

Popka tells him to go.

It's hoverboard time!

vision start

The music sounds grand, like starting on an adventure of sorts.

Board levels are pretty fast-paced, so I probably won't take as much notes as I do (thank goodness!)

There's a lot of those indestructible spikeys floating around mid-river.

We're introduced to a ramp-o-line (a ramp-shaped trampoline)!


We get the first piece of the doll for this level!

Into a cave we go!

We end up riding the rapids downstream.

Uh-oh, more of those sharks again!

Down another waterfall!

I press L and are to make Klonoa do tricks with the board, and tip his hat off.

more sharks

We get another piece of a doll, and head into another cave!

We go downstream and bounce on more rampolines and get the third doll piece!


Downstream again!

new area

There's also cactus plants that rise from the river, I have to avoid crashing into those.

I have Klonoa take one of the Boarder Moos in single file.

Unfortunately, I end up missing a doll piece!

I end up using two lives (sorry, Klonoa) to reset and get that doll piece.

mirror sprite

Further downstream, we run into a dream sprite challenge, but I tilt the control pad a bit too much to the right, and we fall off the ramp!

We get a fifth doll piece, but Klonoa ends up taking damage from the tall cactus plants!

Klonoa stops boarding, and Lolo emerges from the ring!

k and l

It seems we've found our Element snatcher!

don't know when to quit

Lolo doesn't care.

i like him



Lolo realizes what she said, her eyes pale.

I thought Tat was going to ship-tease them...

tat shrug

The chase begins!

chase begin

From here on out, we're going to be riding in a circle until we catch Tat!

tat chase

I end up seeing the last doll piece on top of the overhang, but we miss, as I end up throwing the Moo instead of double jumping up there.

Now we're back into watery territory.

Tat jumps off the river...

end of ride

A cannon at the bottom takes us back up!

back to chase

We're catching up!

But I slow down, grab the Moo, and jump up to get the last doll piece!

Now to catch our Element snatcher...

I remember on my first go at this level, it took me a lot of tries to catch her!

On lap three, we did it!

tat caught

real mccoy

Popka: "Ha! Serves ya right! The Element's ours."
Tat: "Oh pooh. So maybe I messed up. Oh well, that's okay."

It looks like Leorina and she got what they needed from us, I'm guessing.

An earthquake happens, and it's coming from the plaza!

Tat runs off, telling us to "go there... soon."

vision clear

Here's the pre-level theme (Jungle Drums), the main music for Jungle Slider, the remix, the theme where Klonoa catches up to Tat (An Ugly Tongue), the chase music (another favorite) (Run! Run! Run!), and the aftermath (Caterwaul)