Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 2-1: Joilant Fun Park ~A Date With Tat~

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Where to go next?

new paths

There's two locations to choose from: the Park itself or the Jungle Slider.

Ah well, into the park we go!

vision start

Some parts of this level's theme might have some familiarities with a number in a certain animated movie, but I'll leave that up to interpretation.

We press our first switch in the game!

first switch

Now this is something, let's see what prizes we win!

shooting gallery

We get an assortment of prizes, including an extra life and a doll piece!

Tat: "Yoo-hoo, over here!"

Klonoa looks around for that teaser Tat.

up here

She's way up there, huh?


Klonoa points at her angrily! Tat takes it all in stride.

Tat: "But isn't this a bit high, even for you? I'll let you in on a pretty useful trick. You see that Kiton over there?"

There's a Kiton next to us!

kiton 1

Tat gives us pointers on the creature.

kiton 2

Kiton: "Nnnnaaaago."

The Kiton sounds like Tat.

Klonoa wonders why she's helping him. Just to tease him, of course!

Tat's reason is because "she like[s] him...a little bit."

Cue Klonoa's face.

awww lol

The remake made his reaction a bit cuter here compared to the original.

She wishes us "our best" and flees!

I do some practice on the Kiton, (it's been awhile) it seems I have to press jump repeatedly to fly.

We get our second piece, and now for the stones...

The Kiton breaks our no-damage streak!

sights joilant

Now this is a bit tricky...a swinging viking-like boat.

viking ship

We push the Moo to swing the boat to go west, and collect more stones!



When trying to get to the eastern tent, I lose a life from falling into the water below the boat! That's the first time that's happened!

I noticed just now that the background of Klonoa's health HUD is based on the level we're on. There's show lights on this one, meaning we're in Joilant, whereas the theme for the health HUD is different in La-Lakoosha, or in the Sea of Tears.

We break the box and enter the east big tent.

big tent

Nothing here to see.

After moving a bit forward, we find another doll piece at the top of the scaffolding!

West tent, we just interrupted a show! Or is it still prepping?


Switch pressed, door open!

We meet the Jetimo for the first time, and use its powers to get us high up in the air!

enter jetimo

Holy heck, we are really high! Only for a bit, though.

We get the fourth piece, and use a Kiton to make it to the other side of the river.

tat on bridge

There's Tat!

Too bad she destroys the bridge!

We grab a Moo and make it to the other side...

Oh boy, this part...the haunted house.

haunted house

We go in.


Butler: "Welcome to the terrifying Ghost Palace! Enjoy to your heart's content, this bizarre and dreadful... adventure."

Not going to lie, when I first played this (and in some later playthroughs), that part made me jump internally! Lucky I knew what to expect and covered my hand as soon as the butler arrived for this session. For some reason, the bright lighting in the remake kind of muted the effect.

Poor Lolo, though...

Klonoa asks if she's afraid...

Lolo denies it. Of course she is, Klonoa.

klonoa shrug

Oh, Klonoa.

I'll have to stop complaining about differences here.

We run into our first drum on a flaming platform. Lucky it's not electricity like last time.

timed switches

Our goal is to light up all three blue switches before one of them resets.

Before doing that, I grab the extra life.

This music I remember so well.

Now I use the Kiton and avoid the flying golfballs...

It takes us awhile, but we make it!

In the library, another timed switch puzzle!


Easy as pie.

Let's see, if I remember, there's supposed to be a miniboss next.

Nope, we're at the wall, and encounter more Big Moos!

Inside again, in a monster's bedroom, a third timed switch puzzle!

third switch puzzle

We're now in the river.

poison river

The doll is complete!

Miniboss: Ghost Balloons

Let's see if the next area has the miniboss. I'm guessing the devs kept the miniboss as a callback to the first game.

I'm right, this is where the miniboss is!

A coffin spawns from the cauldron. V xabj vg'f lbh va gurer, Gng.

Coffin: "You fearless... and foolish souls..."

one way ticket

The coffin opens.

Lolo's reaction is to run the heck away.

Popka: "Oh, jeez, she's 'fraid of everythin'!"

Klonoa has a feeling of who it is in there too!

The miniboss fight begins!


Easy as cake! Three hits from the Kitons, and it's over!

tat runs

Tat blows up the wall and runs off!


We make it to the storage room, and clear out the place of goodies before riding on the Jetimo to chase Tat!

jetimo fly

We end up going to down to the tracks of a roller coaster!

roller coaster

After riding another cannon, we make it to a merry-go-round, and have Tat cornered!

Tat dials up the charm a bit.

The chase begins!

We catch up to her!

Oh my god, Klonoa...what are you doing to Tat?

Klonoa: "I gotcha, fair and square! Now hand over the Element, will you?"

Tat, that troll.

When I played this years ago, that was actually the first time I saw the p-word. Looking back, I'm a bit surprised the game got away with the rating that it did.

Popka's not happy Klonoa let her go, and is hopping mad.

wrong tat

Tat: "See ya!"

Now we have to go to the Jungle Slider to find the Tat with the Element.

vision clear

Next session, Jungle Slider!

Now I'll just replay some of the levels for extra lives!

Here's the music for the main level (Joilant), when Tat starts giving pointers (Tutorial Tat), the haunted house theme (Bugbear's House), outside the house (Make Believe), and the second music for the haunted house (Pay One's Debts).