Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 2-Pre: Baguji, Again

Since I started late, this session will be a short one. There won't be gameplay here, just story.

We make it back to Baguji, where the trio explain Leorina's presence.

leorina hmmm

Lolo: "Could they be trying to save the world? It sounds like we've got competition!"

Popka doesn't think so.

ring not work with no priestess

Yeah, I wonder why Leorina would want that ring if it doesn't work without a priestess? (Hayrff fur xabjf nobhg cevrfgubbq cenpgvprf bs fbegf...) 🤔

Popka then concludes the ring is useless for her.

Baguji tasks us to get all the Elements.

Klonoa agrees!

joilant opening

Lolo: "Joilant. The entire kingdom is like a giant amusement park."

Oooh...what fun! Popka shares my thoughts.

Lolo reminds him we're not there for fun.

to joilant's bell

I decide whether to save at this point or not.

The path to Joilant is now open!

path open

But that will be for next session!