Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 1-Boss: Claire Moa Temple ~Folgaran the Armor Beast~

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Our doll friend is saved too.

I will note that like in the original version of this game, we can revisit the levels anytime.

*Internally grumbles about the previous playthrough having no level revisits hagvy gur raq*

claire moa temple

Our new path is open!

zoomed out

I notice this version has a new display of the map!

let's go

Lolo, at the Bell Tower, eager to ring its bell, tells Klonoa to hurry!

But, something stops Klonoa, behind us!


Popka: "Leorina again?"
Klonoa: "Leorina?"
Lolo: "A bandit. She wreaks havoc on the world while seeking for treasure."

After nearly 20 years, that infamous harpsichord making up Leorina's theme rings in my ears once again.

?: "The nerve! They called us bandits!"
Leorina: "Let those fools babble all they want."
?: "P-I-R-A-T-E-S!"

we're sky pirates

So the meower, for any newcomers, is Tat.

Leorina, all calm and cool, says her piece.

Leorina: "So you're the Dream Traveler... I see. You are of little consequence, but I'll relieve you of that ring."

not getting this ring

Lolo's not-having-it look is classic. Her mouth is a bit hard to see because of the lighting. Klonoa's mouth, though, is visibly moving.

Leorina shrugs. She tried, though. Now she sics her minion on us.


vision start

Glad the devs fixed the title in this version.

Like before, it's the back that's the weakness!

I end up missing the back while Folgaran's spinning around so fast.

When hit from places not on its back, it throws spikes!

Phase one over, it's not playing around now!

blowing smoke

Now it uses its claws!

Three hits later, red steam, it's angry!

blowing red steam

One hit and I enjoy the fireworks display, which is quite underwhelming in this version. Oh well.

vision clear

Leorina and Tat look on with interest in their eyes as the peaceful music plays again.


Klonoa sounds more blunt in this version, or maybe it's my ears.

Tat: "Heh-heh, you're kinda cool."

Remembering reading some behind-the-scenes stuff, the devs made him that way (archive here) as a step-up from the first Klonoa, as a way to indicate Klonoa growing up alongside the players, or something close to that idea.

Leorina: "Klonoa...I'll remember you."

They jump down, and get into their airship.

airship fly

Klonoa: "The Sky Pirate... Leorina."

Now to ring that bell.

bell of t

Lolo: "Klonoa, use your power."
Klonoa: "So I just shoot it, right?"

Player participation time!

shoot it

bell rung

Bell rung!

Klonoa: "This is...the Bell's power?"

we call it an element

Popka: "We jus' call it an Element for short."

So the Green Element of Tranquility is ours! Klonoa notes how "pretty" the Element is.

The Dream Voice calls for help again...

Klonoa: "Where...Where are you?!"

Back to Lunatea, Lolo calls for Klonoa.

back to lunatea

Klonoa looks at the Element in his hand.

In the original, the music was supposed to fade and a howling wind blow when the Dream Voice was heard at this point, which made the whole scene creepier. For some reason, this version took out that effect, keeping the music. Maybe it was too scary?

In all, aside from some gripes with the lighting and other things, I'm glad Klonoa 2 got a remake.

It definitely is coming back to me now...

Here's Leorina's (svefg) theme, the music track for this boss, and the Element theme.