Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 1-2: La-Lakoosha ~Sacred Grounds~

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Here we go!

vision start

The music is a peaceful variation of the Lunatea Waltz.

We encounter breezy updrafts for the first time in this game.

As a Moo runs offscreen, I get a shield Moo, and hit an egg in the background.

We avoid a Sessame's spikes and use a cannon to go to the background.

I have Klonoa fall down to lower ground.

After breaking the box, we get one piece of the doll from a hidden egg.

I turn back a bit...


Before going into the grotto.


At the top of the tallest thicket, we get another piece of the doll here.

second piece

There's a lot of full-heart pickups here. Knowing that Klonoa has three hearts, not six in this game, this is probably why the devs are generous.

Climbing around the luminous mushroom stem, we see our first drum platform!

drum platform

The first game introduced them nearly later in the game compared to here in the second level.

We're introduced to a bouncing trampoline too.

Going downhill, and downwards...

long drop

That's quite a long drop!

another cave

Back into another cave!

We collect the stones from the next trio of thickets here, and jump into the cannon.

As a Moo walks by...


An Ow-Gow peers out of a hole and eats the cute creature!

It definitely has been too long since I replayed this game.

As we use an updraft to get higher, we throw a runner bird into an Ow-Gow den, but Klonoa gets sucked in twice!

After going higher, and passing by another Ow-Gow den, we come to a stopover per Lolo's request.

Lolo comes out of the ring, and kneels. She's praying...

Klonoa: "Didn't we pass by another one of these statues earlier?"

Popka says no.


So what was the one that we ran into back in the island in the Sea of Tears?

statue 2

In previous playthroughs, I got confused about the Claires. Is the Mother Goddess Claire the same as Claire the Ancient in the Sea of Tears? Now that I'm playing currently, I think they're different people.

Lolo's finished with her prayers.

We proceed!

statue 3

The small and big spike throwers are here too.

Hmmm, I wonder where the rest of the doll pieces are?

I see two more doll pieces, above where we're at, and another out west surrounded by walls.

I manage to use up a dream sprite waiting for a Moo.

inside cave

We get the third bell, and breeze by, with the fourth bell in tow!

We throw a flying Moo at an Ow-Gow, get into a cannon, and were back outside!


Ah, the infamous pendulum puzzle. Playing through this part was a bit of a challenge, but now that I'm familiar with depth...

pendulum swing

I pick up the fifth doll piece counterclockwise, and past the updraft by throwing a Moo at the bubble.

Now the last stone column is crushed, and the door to the priestess's shrine is clear.

We encounter a hidden egg and our second doll is rescued!

outside hp lair

Hearing this music is giving the chills.

enter hp

The High Priestess, in her humble glory, asks Lolo if she wishes to save the world.

do you wish

No quest is easy.

The High Priestess's hair looks more green in this version.

Lolo tells her she rang the Spirit Bell in the Sea of Tears.

The High Priestess gets up, uses her staff, and a Quest 64-like sound plays!

lolo priestess

High Priestess: "Lolo, you are hereby granted the rank and responsibilities of a priestess." Yes!

Lolo bows and thanks her!

Klonoa congratulates her too.

Lolo's too excited for words.

first task

High Priestess: "And once you reach the Kingdoms, you must go and gather the power from their bells...it is the harmonious power of the bells that will make it possible for us to contain the evil. Can you do this, Lolo?"
Lolo: "Y-Yes! I'll do my best!"

V jbaqre, vf Uvtu Cevrfgrff qbhogvat ure?

High Priestess commands us to go to the Bell of Tranquility.

Lolo bows, and she and Popka leave.

High Priestess stops Klonoa.

watch lolo

klonoa nod

Here's the music for this level (Path of Goddess Claire), the cave version (Cave of Glimmer Moss), and the High Priestess's theme.