Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Ending

Oh boy, this is going to be a tough ending to get through, especially in this replay. But I have to do it.

kingdom to be rebuilt

There's the Kingdom of Sorrow.

looking on

The gang is looking on.

Leorina's going there now, to rebuild the kingdom...

leorina ship

Lolo: "Leorina's really excited to rebuild the Kingdom of Sorrow, isn't she?"

Klonoa nods.

i'm going to work hard

Yup, she probably told the High Priestess everything offscreen.

lolo without leaf

Klonoa: "You... gave up... your title?"


Lolo: "But don't worry! I'm not giving up! I'm going to keep trying, even if I fail."

She doesn't want the King to cry again.

i have faith

Here we go. Even when I started this game years ago, I knew back then Klonoa wasn't going to be there to stay...

popka reaction

Popka turns and goes back to sleep.

Lolo: "So... this is goodbye?"

of course

Lolo: "You have to go home, right? You have a home to go to after all, right?"

klonoa sad

She knew this moment was coming too. She smiles, saying that she'll be alright...

But she can't hold back anymore...

the moment

Lolo: "No! No no no no..."

Now he says something his old friend said to him.

Klonoa: "Lolo..."

we'll always be together

Klonoa: "...We'll always be...together. I believe that if you don't forget the sadness of this moment, we'll always be...together. Okay?"

Lolo cries more. 😔

Klonoa: "So... Lolo."

They let go.

Klonoa: "Thanks."

He goes.

Klonoa looks at Popka sleeping as he leaves...

klonoa leaving

klonoa leaving 2

Goodbye, Klonoa.

Credits roll...

There's Leorina, Tat, and a lot of people rebuilding the Kingdom of Sorrow...

credits 1

Lunateans are out and about in the Sea of Tears. Some are resting in La-Lakoosha.

credits 2

There's Momett the Showman in front of the Goddess Claire statue.

Volkans and Mira-Mirans are enjoying what Joilant has to offer. In Volk, the citizens are seeing the factory make hoverboards.

credits 3

I sort of laugh a bit at that part.

More citizens all over the world rebuild Volk...

The ark's in full operation now. Everyone in Lunatea's traveling everywhere.

The Mira-Mirans are looking through a giant telescope, Joilanters are looking around the Christmas village.

The Old Tree has a lot of mice around his trunk.

credits 4

There's the reborn and finally happy King of Sorrow, with the High Priestess holding him.

credits 5

Bye, Lolo and Popka.


As parting words, the game says "good morning" to me.

Here are the last pieces of the game:
The King of Sorrow's Theme
The King of Sorrow Remixed
The King of Sorrow (boss theme)
Farewell, Again
Toward The...