Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Final Vision: Terminus of Tears ~The King of Sorrow~ (Phase 2)

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Now the music swells because of Klonoa's triumph!

klonoa triumphant

King: (sobs) "Wh...why do you hate sorrow? Can't you... can't you accept sorrow at all...?"

And he looks at us! In my first playthrough, that's the first time I see his face.

is there no place for me?

Leorina: "Don't flatter yourself!"

Leorina gives her best speech of the game.

Leorina: "You isolated yourself from this world, thinking that you're the only one who's sad! You make me sick! You make me...you make me want to cry!"

The King's spooked, or probably shaken, from what she said.

Leorina: "Klonoa! He's a lump of pure sorrow! Show him the Elements from the other kingdoms. Tranquility...Joy...Discord... and Indecision! Make him remember, what the real world is about!"

She fires the power of the four elements to Klonoa!

leorina fires

The King's jaw drops (in the original).

klonoa powerup

Klonoa gets a powerup!

The King can't take it anymore!

second form

All we have to do next is to get those "arms," and throw them back at the green dots surrounding his barrier.

barrier destroyed

As soon as we get those arms, beams fire from the dots!

I take down his first barrier in one go!

blue barrier

Now for the last one!

I almost end the fight (he has one life left), but one of his arms knock Klonoa out!

I fail again!

First time I faced him, I remember getting lucky, finishing this boss off without losing a life. It seems when it comes to this boss, he gets trickier for me every replay.

king finished

It was tricky, but we did it!

vision clear


help me please

The King weeps. He definitely was the one calling for help. Except now (if I remember reading from the guide) he's considerate of others this time.

Lolo: "Klonoa!"

Klonoa nods.

He raises the Ring...

Klonoa: "I'll help...you."

klonoa fires

beam fire

bell ring

There's everyone.


Klonoa: "You... don't have to... run anymore. You don't have to be afraid. The voice calling me..."

it was you

King: "I...I..."

Klonoa: "The world, it won't forget sorrow anymore."
King: "Klonoa..."
Klonoa: "And no one will run away anymore."

Klonoa's more or less telling himself this than he is to the King of Sorrow, I think. He's accepted all the sad memories from his own journey.

It's not just Klonoa speaking for himself, but probably the Lunateans too, who've "run away" from sorrow in their own way. For Joilant, it's staying in the amusement park, Volk, in endless war, and Mira-Mira, looking back into the past...

we've come too far to turn back

King: (smiles) "Yes..."

He fades into specks of light...

fades into light

fades into light 2

element get

...and finally, as the Element of Sorrow.

picture perfect

Oh, Leorina.

Popka: "Hey, Lolo. I noticed somethin' a while back...Doesn't Klonoa remind ya, just a little, of the Goddess Claire? Maybe?"
Lolo: (smiles) "Yes... he does."

terminus long shot