Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 6-3: The Forgotten Path ~Deliverance~

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let's go

The dream voice is calling for help again. This time, Lolo and Popka hear it too.

dream voice echo

Even after playing this game many times, that voice never fails to give me the chills.

Lolo: "Who can that be?"
Klonoa: "I don't know. But I've been hearing that voice for the longest time. And it's asking for help."
Lolo: "For help?"

Klonoa nods.

we'll find answer

vision start

The music in this level, is (and I rarely say this word) complex to analyze because of the many instruments and voices playing in this piece.

The paths in this place are so narrow.

If I counted correctly, this is the fourth time Klonoa heard that voice.

first doll bell

There's doll piece number one!

We end up missing the rampoline, and fall after getting the flying dream stones!

It has definitely been a long time since I remembered this level.

We continue cruising through the huge gaps and valleys, avoiding burners along the way. Soon, we pick up a stray flying Moo and jump to get the second doll piece!

The cannon launches us into a hole...

cannon fire

...into another spiraling wheel of an area.

spiraling area

third doll piece afar

Third doll get!

Now the trip's getting a bit dizzying...

After getting doll number four, we overshoot the turn and end up falling at the curve's edge...


We make it out, and bounce down...

up in the air

...To more narrow rampway!

narrow path

This forgotten path is definitely a bit tricky to cross.

We pass a spikey and get doll piece number five!

fifth piece get

We pass through a set of five burners and cross to the small rampoline on the left side, but end up not getting enough height to make it to the ledge!

Take two, we make it and follow the succession of bouncing ramps to a cannon...

up in the air 2

I ignore the flying dream stones, pass the burners and spinning spikey, and grab the last doll piece at the end of this detour.

up in the air 3

Back at the group of burners, and the path ahead gets narrower again.

We shortly go into a cannon, which shoots us to the exit!

warp gate

vision clear

Here's the music for the Forgotten Path (Mirage).

Outside, the path to the final level is open!

final level

Since we've collected all sixteen Momett Dolls (96 pieces total), a prompt congratulates us!

all dolls get

I kind of wonder, though, how did Klonoa get to the Forgotten Path?

Next session, the finale!