Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 6-1: The Ark Revisited ~Countdown~

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Let's stop that ark!

let's go

stop all three engines

Klonoa: "Let's go then!"

vision start

We start near the second turbine.

Inside, a Kiton awaits!

After taking damage from touching the Kiton, we cross past the molten drink, getting the dream stones.

We take another hit from the Kiton across the drink, and collect the remainder.


How do we get that doll piece?

Ignoring it for now, we cross over to the pipe, and carry a mini-Boomie to the higher ledge, where the second piece is!

doll piece get

We end up losing a life after one too many explosions, lucky we picked up an extra from the egg we broke behind the platform wheel earlier.

I decide not to get any creatures and get the first piece.

first doll piece get

Klonoa's getting hurt a lot in this level!

We drop down to the lower floors, but since we need a key, we use a Jetimo to get back up, and to the other side.

armor moo

We end up going up and down many times, until another life gone thanks to the big, armored Moo!

I take the risk and pass the big Moo to grab the key to the first engine room!

in engine room 1

We take the moving platform back to the engine.

at engine

Popka: "Awright, this is it!"
Klonoa: "Uh, how do we stop it?"

Popka points to the Boomie on the lower deck of the engine.


The middle deck is surrounded by a group of flying Moos!

We fail the first time, because of low health, and one touch from a flyer!


Klonoa: "Okay, two more to go! Hey! Wait a... sec..."

The engine exhaust explodes!

Klonoa: "Run for it!!!"

A countdown begins...

countdown timer

...we hightail it outside!

The chamber explodes!


Klonoa's "manya" scream echoes out!

And we get saved by the Sky Pirates!

hey tat

Tat gives out her "it's not 'cause I like you or anything" blurb, because of our history with Leorina.

Popka: "Ahh-hmmm... ya ain't so bad, after all." You tease.

We fall down to the area near the third engine. I push the elevator down this time.

A trio of Boomies spawn!

We use one to get up, and another one to break an egg.

Now we use the trampoline to jump up and head back into the room with the swinging platforms and rollers.

Jumping up to the ledge isn't going to be so casual...

We make it up there, and collect the stones. Going to the other end of this room, though, not so much. The height and distance is a bit of a reach.

We make that obstacle too, and take a cannon down to the lower floor.

cannon jump 1

Now we have to run against the conveyor belt here.

We break the nearby egg, and get doll piece three!

Now the elevator...

I fail the dream sprite challenge, and realize I have to use both Boomies to move the elevator without waiting for either one to explode!

Outside, more stingers await!

A Boomie is patrolling the edge nearby, with vanishing platforms and a cube outline!

When the indestructible floats close to the switch is the right time to drop the Boomie!

We grab the key. Now for the doll piece here...

doll piece 4

We go back and take a Boomie as a jump boost to get the piece!

Into the engine room we go!

in engine room 2

This puzzle's not hard, it's a matter of timing.

I throw the Boomie to the column so it wouldn't get hit by the first spikey.

It's all smooth sailing from here.

countdown timer 2

We make it out of the chamber with time to spare!

Now for the last one!

to ark hull

It seems that the ark itself is not letting us stop it easily.

burner hull

On its underside, the ark is shooting out flamethrowers and pillars to block us!

burner hull 2

We made it past those flamethrowers!

at tail of ark

Now aft, we cross its tail, as more flamethrowers try to stop us.

We make it, and Klonoa jumps down into the entrance of the ark.

jump down

at entrance

We carry the nearby Boomie over, and offer it up to the Ow-Gow lurking in the pipe ahead.

Up we go, and we're back outside!

After some difficulty with the next obstacle with pillars and short-fused Boomies, we cross over into the cannon!

cannon jump 2

Now this is proof we're close to the lategame stage.

wide gap with erbil

wide gap 2 goomis

Fifth doll collected!

Jumping on big trampolines, we land on a platform, escorting us to another cannon!

cannon jump 3

We land in the same area where we were introduced to the Likuri, but there's no Likuri here.

A stinger and a Boomie await.

One rock cleared later, and we use an Erbil to get to the perch above. Unfortunately, we couldn't break the top box.

top box with erbil

Aside: I later find out the top box had the last doll piece! We managed to finally break that box replaying the level.

Inside, a Likuri and three enemies await...

likuri with 3

I completely forgot how I managed to finish this level. That was how tricky it was.

Some trial-and-error later, I figure out how to solve this puzzle.

This Likuri puzzle may be tricky, but that's easy compared to the one in the next level.

We take the cannon, which fires us to the door before the engine room.

No rollers, and the burners are on.

drum with burners

Now this is another tricky puzzle: throwing the Boomie to the rock, and getting all the stones here.

boomie on hand

On attempt number four, I give up collecting the stones above the Goomis, and proceed.

I wonder where the last doll piece is?

spinner with moo

We make it up to where the first turbine switch was, carefully timing the throw of the Boomie as not to hit the moving spikey.

boomie and key

We can access the third engine room now!

third engine door

in engine room 3

A single file of Boomies march below the engine.

That felt surprisingly easy.

at engine 3

Now to run...

We pass all the obstacles, and double jump using the Burnie, and that's it!

explosion 3

Tat prefers being addressed as "Miss" Tat.

crimson iris

With that, the ark is down for the count!

ark done

And one difficult level is finished!

vision clear

There it is, the portal to the Fifth Kingdom!


We cross into the portal...

Here is the music for the level.