Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 5-3: Empty Sea of Tears ~Beyond the Sands~

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The ocean's now gone!

new path

let's go

sea gone

sea truly gone

The sky's now a gloomy green. It looks gloomier than in the original game.

a beam of light

A beam of light's shining from afar.

Klonoa: "Is that...? Could that be... the Fifth Kingdom?"

ark above k

The Ark's now heading for that beam of light.

Popka has the hoverboard ready.

Here we go!

vision start

This music is one of my slightly favorite pieces.

As we head down the sand river, a tornado blows behind us!



We plunge into the empty sea's depths.

The place looks more darker compared to the original.

dark sandway

It's getting pretty tricky to double jump in this part of the level, even with the creatures, or is it just my controller buttons getting "heavier"?

There's Glibz here too.

We pass by a dream sprite and almost get all the stones in this tunnel.

We miss the first doll piece, so I give up a life to go back and get it...

This part of the level's a bit more trickier than I remember.

We finally get it!

The flying Moos at the tunnel are a bit more trickier to fetch.

We use one on the second take to make it up to the upper sea floor.

second doll bell

Another doll piece!

There's a lot of holes with teeth in this area.

boarder moo

I wonder why there's a boarder Moo hanging around here?

Oh no, the sea floor begins to crumble!

third doll bell beyond

We get a third doll piece!

We're now boarding on top a floor of bones. Who was this immense creature we're on top of now?


No time to think or write, as a tornado chases us!

tornado 2

We manage to get doll piece number four before falling down into another chasm...

falling down

We collect more stones as we dodge the oncoming holes.

A fifth doll piece guarded by a moving invincible spikey is ours!

Now for the last piece ahead...

last doll bell

...but I slip!

Back again, and we got everything!

I got distracted by that palace of bells ayonder. I wonder if that's the ruins of the Fifth Kingdom?

palace ruins

Statues begin to topple as we glide our way across.

statue topple

The end is ahead...

end ahead

The cannon fires Klonoa straight to the ark.

help me

That voice still gives me a bit of the chills every time I hear it...

vision clear

Counting the opening, that's the third time we hear the voice calling for help.

Here's the music before the start of the level, and the level's theme proper (The Sorrow Revives).

new path 2

Next session, we take on Leorina!