Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 5-2: Dark Sea of Tears ~Veil of Darkness~

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I replay last session's level plenty of times, since I missed and had to retake some screencaps.

The minimap music's changed now.

let's go

Back into the Sea of Tears we go!

vision start

The whole sea's turned dark this time! No storm clouds, but there's plenty of dark things lurking...

Only thing we can do to hold them back is to get the Flolo, the creature with the halo on its head!

Onward, it seems there's a lot of creatures hanging around too. Even a Burnie's shown up!

We manage to avoid getting hit by them, and throw a Moo to an egg behind the arch of the rock, netting us our first doll piece.

first doll bell

The quakes must've totaled the bridges and changed the landscape, as Lolo said in the previous level.

bridge broken

Even the caves have dimmed.

dim cave

We go to the alternate route, where the cannon is, now that this bridge is also down.

gems and flolo

We break another egg in the background, and get another doll piece.

After passing through a Moo, and its single file armored mini-troop behind it, we make it back to the foreground.

This time, there's two boxes to smash in the exit tunnel.

Holy heck...

beyond wreck

I barely remember this part of the level, with all of the wreckage and machinery behind Klonoa.

The blue blobs of darkness are fluttering around...

We take a cannon to the cliffs on the other side...

After passing a duo of Cannon Glibz, we grab a third doll piece using a Burnie, and make our way to the cannon.

No Polly this time.

A second cannon fires Klonoa onto the sea wreckage. I wonder if Leorina caused all this?

at wreck

We use a nearby Moo to hit the Flolo to get its light source.

We end up traveling through conveyor belts, and see a fourth doll piece above our heads! It's tricky, since there's flame-throwing burners about.


Next stop, another dream sprite challenge on top of rollers.

We pass through the last of the wreckage. We cross more land before dropping down into another tunnel.

into tunnel

The bridge here is broken too, and the cavern structure has also changed.

on goomi

After taking care of the single file armored Moos with the masked Moo, we have two paths to take.

I end up choosing the bottom, blocked by a box.

We break it with a Moo and we circle our way up atop another ledge, picking up doll piece number five along the way!

doll piece five

I think of backtracking, but since we're on limited time because of the Flolo's light, we stick to our path.

We use a lancer Moo to jump to the cannon, which takes us back to the fork.

back to main path

Those blue particles are not our friend. Once the light is gone, they'll get at us.

We stick to a Goomi, but mistime the second Goomi!

Second take, the cannon launches us back to the tunnel where we saw the dream sprite from the last time we came here.

back to crevice

There's the last doll piece, guarded by those indestructibles!

kiton and spinning spikeys

After a failed first try, we use the Kiton to reach its height and throw it at the bubble!

Now we fly past the long gap...

...and we get too close to the spikeys! They pop the Kiton! Into the water Klonoa goes, again!

Third time, we make it!

We use a cannon Glibz and the spring trampoline to bounce us up to the exit.

to exit

This game is seriously beautiful, but it's almost getting trickier since we're near the lategame.

We jump on the Goomis and get to the cannon on the ledge...

at island

Oh boy, we're close to facing Leorina...

We slide down the thicket...

slide down

...and make it!

Klonoa: "Stop this, Leorina!"

She turns to Klonoa, creepily.

Her glare was way more unsettling in the original version.

k versus l

Leorina: "Hmph. It's too late."

She raises her ring.

Leorina: "With this power..."

Klonoa braces for impact.

Leorina utters the Fifth Emotion for the first time in this game!

Leorina: "I shall teach the world sorrow!"

She fires...

bullet bell

A tense silence...

The Fifth Bell rings!

fifth bell ding dong

The Four Bells ring in unison.

bell one

bell two

bell three

bell four

Seas begin to shift...

Klonoa: "What the...!?"

sea yellow

sea yellow long shot



All the animals have gathered, looking at the Ark...

mouse near hole

The Ark, or a copy of it, has been resurrected!

ark top

What a majestic ship...

ark bow

Its wings are unraveling, turbines spinning, oars turning...

wings unravel

It vanished...

ark vanish

...to the Sea of Tears!

ark appears

Leorina flies away...

l flies away

to ark

...straight to the Ark.

Lolo figures something out.

Lolo: "The...Ark. They say that the ark... once traveled the world. I've been thinking...if there's a Fifth Bell, shouldn't there be a Fifth... Kingdom, as well?"
Klonoa: "Then that ark will..."
Lolo: "Connect this world to... the Fifth Kingdom?!"

Popka’s not taking it well. Klonoa decides to follow to where the ark's going.

vision clear

Something to point out: The tones of the Fifth Bell sound like they wouldn't be out of place in a funeral, fitting the Bell's emotional namesake.

Here's Leorina's second theme, the music for this level, and the cave theme.