Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 5-1: Noxious La-Lakoosha ~The Catastrophe~

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After rewatching the cutscene from last session, we now have to go back to see the High Priestess.

let's go

vision start

Thanks to the Chaos, the level's a bit different now.

No updrafts to help Klonoa now, as disappearing platforms take their place.

We get our first doll piece on the top of a stack of vanishing platforms.

We get into the cannon, where a stinger awaits!

Up the ledge, where we break a nearby box using a Moo.

below the floor

The quakes must've collapsed the floor.

Let's see if we can ace this course.

We fly too low, and Klonoa loses a life!

We manage to get the stones, no doll piece here, though.

It takes three tries to get out of the bottom, and one with a Moo to cross over.


Inside the cave...

Klonoa's almost putting up a hand near his nose. I found his pose here to be quite unusual, that's why I'm pointing it out.

unusual pose

Lolo and Popka dash for the glowing statue, and tell Klonoa to hurry!

klonoa cough

Popka: "Ya think the Chaos...?"
Lolo: "Probably."

air statues

Lolo: "If we dash from statue to statue, we should make it to the temple, at least I hope we can. So we'll need to stop at each one."

On top of a return of an old oxygen challenge, another snag.

earthquakes changed path

Klonoa's optimism is boundless.

Klonoa: "Don't worry! We'll be okay! Let's go!"

popka immune

Lucky Popka!

The first part is a Likuri challenge!

The lighting here looks a bit more redder than the original...

likuri start

After a wrong start, the Likuri puzzle was no problem!

red crystal

Around the mushroom stem now, the armored Moos have come out to play!

mushroom stem

We backtrack, knowing Klonoa's air is dropping before taking care of the big Moo, and having Klonoa make another high leap to the cannon.

I see the second doll piece very high up!

second doll bell

Why did it have to be these stingers?

We end up getting out of the cave before Klonoa's oxygen ran out...

...only to see more stingers!

We try chain double-jumping to reach all the stones, but miss the blue one, knowing how low Klonoa's health is.

After another long drop...

noxious long drop

The devs are not sparing us at this point.

enter second cave

Inside the noxious, porous caves again, another Likuri challenge awaits!

second likuri

This one's also a pushover.

second red crystal

Another trampoline Moo to feed to the Ow-Gow later, and an updraft takes us to the upper cliff of the cavern.

We cross past another Ow-Gow den, and find the third doll piece high above an alcove!

third doll bell

Thanks to the Likuri delay, I use it as bait for the third Ow-Gow, and run off before the oxygen drops to zero.

claire statue

At least there's a few updrafts here and there...

A trio of Moos jump off from the Goddess statue!

Now that's going to be a bit tricky.

vanish platforms

We re-enter the last cave of this level.

Thank goodness there's a trio of statues here.

trio statues

The next obstacle has all of the gaps on the east closed off by boxes!

There's an Erbil on the inside to reach the mideast pocket, and a duo of Moos above, on the top.

The fifth doll piece, however, is situated way out to the west of that structure.

fifth doll bell

We accidentally fall with a Moo in tow, and use the Erbil to reach the pocket, and try to get the doll piece with it. No good.

With care, we go back to the top, and throw a Moo at the piece!

fifth doll bell get

We take the Erbil nearby to break a box to an enclosure containing a Kiton and a dream sprite.

We miss a dream sprite challenge, and use the Kiton in the enclosure to get to higher ground.

Another Ow-Gow den, and a cannon later, we make it back to the pendulum plaza.


I throw the Likuri onto a Moo, as a short delay to jump to the roof of the tunnel exit.

Disappearing platforms replace updrafts, and I throw the absorbed Likuri onto the pendulum!

column break

The last doll piece takes a lot of height to get to. Using the Likuri and a spring, we rescue another Momett Doll!

The flying stingers are the last obstacle, but we make it!

into temple

The gang relegates to the High Priestess about what's happened. She does know something.

i see

Lolo: "High Priestess, you're not saying that...well... that Leorina... is..." She is.
High Priestess: "Yes. I fear it's true. She was the priestess, we once knew as Leo."

Lolo's a bit sad, and Klonoa's mildly surprised at the revelation.

High Priestess: "Leo too, was once a novitiate at this temple. But one day... during her training..."



Leo's impatience shows. The High Priestess tells her not to rush.


Leo's frown, no, her facial expressions, are more visible in the remake.

eyes closed

Leo: "Fine!"

i show them all

Leo: "Yes, I'll show them all. My power, will exceed that of the gods!"


High Priestess: "Those were Leo's last words before she left. And there was nothing we could do."

That explains why she knew how to use the Fake Ring. She was a priestess.

High Priestess: "In her haste to gain power, she lost sight of the true calling of a priestess."

Lolo's about to confess something.

The ground shakes!

At the Sea of Tears...

elements and leorina

Leorina raises the Elements in front of the statue!

A pillar of light appears!

pillar of light

The statue of Claire the Ancient is hewn away...

statue face

statue hewn

statue gone

...and there it is.

fifth bell closeup

Tat's smiling, in awe.

tat awe

fifth bell

The detail done for the Fifth Bell in this version looks amazing.

fifth tower

long shot fifth tower

Back at the temple...

high priestess shock

Klonoa: "It... appeared?"

The High Priestess commands the gang to stop Leorina, and stop the power that she has set loose.

But, Lolo has something to say.

lolo nervous

Lolo's nervous.

She pauses, looks at the High Priestess, then looks at Klonoa.

I skipped over this part the first time I played through this scene, also nervous about Lolo's confession to the High Priestess on how she obtained her title.

He nods.

Klonoa: "C'mon Lolo! We'll do it together!"

The High Priestess and Lolo gasp.

A weight lifted off her shoulders, Lolo bows.

Lolo: "Let's go then, Klonoa!"
Popka: "Awright! Here we come!"

vision clear

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Here's the music for the level (Swerve), with the cave theme (Cave of Poison), and the High Priestess theme (High Priestess of Sadness).