Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 5-Pre: Chaos Ensues

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I take a breath before going to Baguji, prepared for what will happen next. The gang, though, not so much.

all elements

Klonoa points out that Leorina still has the Element of Discord.

Popka reassures the oracle they'll get it from her. Oh boy...I chuckle at how unaware the gang is.

Baguji tells them not to rush, then...

show me the elements

Lolo hands them over.

that makes four

Oh no...

popka sniff

Popka smells something fishy.

hold it pal

Not!Baguji: "You don't say?"


Leorina: "Looks like Baguji was out running errands. How convenient, yes?" Vaqrrq. Ybbxf yvxr gur erny nagntbavfg zhfg unir vaqverpgyl chg Yrbevan gurer, ol chggvat Onthwv ba "reenaq qhgl".

Tat appears from behind, and throws the last Element to Leorina.

my victory is complete

The Elements react.

Leorina: "Now, I have all of them. Now... I will make them pay... with Tranquility... Joy... Discord... and Indecision! The ones who abandoned me... And this world..."

and this world

Gur qernz ibvpr rpubvat ure ng gung zbzrag jnf jura V ernyvmrq, sebz byqre cynlguebhtuf, gung gur znva nagntbavfg jnf, va n frafr, znavchyngvat ure. It still gives me the chills hearing that voice. This whole scene here is giving me the chills.

Leorina: "I'll make them all pay!!!"

With flashes of light, she vanishes!

Popka wonders what's next.

odd baguji vanished

No kidding.

Lolo suggests our next move.

to high priestess

So it's back to La-Lakoosha then.

The land shakes...

Klonoa: "Wh-what was that?"
Lolo: "The Chaos is growing!?"
Klonoa: "C'mon, we better hurry!"

I stop here.