Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 4-Boss: Indecision Pass ~Polonte the Hatchling~

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Next area we go!

new path

let's go

Poor Lolo...

lolo sad

klonoa sad

The gang makes it to the Bell of Indecision.

there bell

Popka complains about the "withered ol' tree" holding the Bell on its tip.

excuse me

Hello (ntnva), Tree.

Old Tree: "My, my... strangers are an uncommon sight in these parts. So, it appears that you are seeking the Bell of Indecision?"

Klonoa explains the current situation to the tree.

The Old Tree laughs.

Old Tree asks why Klonoa wants to save the world. No, he's asking the entire gang why.

He senses Lolo's doubt, and points that out.

Klonoa: "Don't insult Lolo!"

must pass test

A flash of light, and our next boss, Polonte, appears!


Old Tree: "Visitors are so rare. Now enjoy my hospitality."
Klonoa: "Eeek! Lolo!"

No response.

lolo do something

She's still doubting herself... ☹

lolo falls

Popka points out the obvious. No Lolo, no Wind Bullet!

The fight begins!

vision start

I remember very clearly that for this phase, I have to have Klonoa pass through three warp speed gates. Once we do that...

egg crack

We crack the egg.

Pressing the shoot button a few times, I get a sealed sound. No Wind Bullet.

After two hits, the egg breaks!


Popka gives his best speech in the game.

Popka: "You jus' gonna stand there?"
Lolo: (looks away) "Well, I...I'm not qualified to save the world."
Popka: "Who cares 'bout qualifications...!"
Popka: (points at Klonoa) "Look at him! He's not even from this world, but he's giving everything he's got, to fight for Lunatea! Ya think he's tryin' so hard cause he wants ta save the world? No! It's cause he's a simple fool who doesn't know any better. But he keeps on fightin', 'cause all he knows is to keep on trying! And, Lolo, you're just as bad a fool. The least you can do is keep trying!"

you called me a fool

Popka asks if she's mad.

After wiping her eye, she smiles.

lolo smile

Lolo: "Yes. But... thanks."

Lolo and Popka meet Klonoa.

Klonoa: "Lolo! Rupurudu! (Let's go!)"

They get into the ring!

Phase two begins!

Now to catch up with that bird!

second phase

As soon as we get close, the boss summons Moo boarders! Not a problem!

Five hits, and the boss is finished!

boss finished

vision clear

well done

Old Tree: "All of you... No, it was your determination in particular that impressed me! And results are what matter in this world."

indecisive people

Old Tree: "But if you can accept doubt and move forward, everything else will eventually fall into place."

A glow of light!

take element

The Old Tree rewards us with the Element as our prize!

Klonoa thanks him!

ring bell

The Blue Element of Indecision is ours!

Aside: One of the best parts of the remake is that the devs removed that T-pose bug. The scene below was where the bug originally happened.


Here are the music themes for the Maze of Memories (Moonlight Museum ver. 1, ver. 2), and the themes for the boss (ver. 1, ver. 2).