Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 4-3: Maze of Memories ~The Labyrinth of Illusions~

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Long while coming, but here we go!

Happy Klonoa Day!

We enter one of the trickiest (and weirdest) levels, both gameplay and emotions-wise! Intrigued? Then it's time to start this session!

new path

The path to the unknown castle is now open, and we go in!

let's go

Inside the palace now...

inside the palace

Klonoa: "What's this? Is it... a maze?"
Popka: "We're gonna get lost in here... for sure."

Lolo asks someone nearby about the Bell's location.

Mira-Miran: "A bell? Sorry, we never venture... outside. After all, we can bask in memories right here..."
Lolo: "Memories?"

The Mira-Miran looks at the mirror in front of her.

just as art is reflection

Mira-Miran: "Just as art is a reflection of the soul, these mirrors are reflections of our past. Why leave, if you can keep re-living bygone days?"

The resident's stuck gazing at Memory Lane.

Popka thinks those are superstitions.

Lolo's brooding at what the local said about memories.


Klonoa: "No way around it. Let's keep pushing ahead."

vision start

We meet a Burnie as our greeting creature, and throw him at the egg nearby.

After getting on another ledge, we activate a toggle switch, revealing a cube.


Now how to get that doll?

how to get doll?

We go to the doorway in the right, and we're taken to the ceiling!

I use the nearby Burnie to go up and get the first doll piece!

Next, another puzzle, as I use a Moo to activate a switch to make the boxes appear.

After that crossing, I see another unreachable area filled with dream stones.

We take to the gate, which puts us back rightside-up, and take a lancer Moo to leap up there.

Next section, we use a junior Boomie to toggle the cubes blocking us here.

cubes on pillars

This is getting more unusual.

I use an Erbil to reach the higher area, but go back down after seeing a doll piece in an alcove. I use the creature again to reach it.

Into a yellow doorway...

yellow doorway

I think up of a plan, and fetch the Erbil from the previous room.

Third doll piece is ours!

I use the same strategy to take care of the big spikey crab in the middle of the room, and get the dream stones.

There's good reasons why I held off on getting to this level. The multiple pathways was one of them.

We enter the short red doorway.

Another cube toggle puzzle! I get the Likuri and a Moo as a way of activating the switch and reaching the upper area.

Westwards, after a run in with a Glibz, we succeed at a dream (or mirror) sprite challenge.

Back again, and I notice an unusual drop shadow.

drop shadow

It's a hidden egg, and inside is doll piece number four!

We go back down and west, where we end up back in the Erbil chamber!

Only way to go forward now is through the green doorway.


Now that's quite a clever puzzle. For some reason, newer players might see the mirror as a painting, since the picture frame pulls off that illusion.

As we reach the next doorway, I hear some laughing, or is it crying?

sun moon puzzle

Remembering old playthroughs, this was the trickiest part of this level. It feels like we're back at the Moon Kingdom again.

So there's a Likuri, and a Boomie, and a set of spikes in the upside down part of this circular room...

So I have to toggle the cubes to reach the yellow crystal and break it.

I turn off the cubes, bring the Boomie near the switch, get the Likuri, and get another Boomie so the Likuri can absorb it, and head to the yellow crystal.

likuri near crystal

Next chamber...

tricky paths

As I said before, this level can get quite confusing and tricky.

Using the Erbils, we collect some stones, and use the leaf gate around back to get to the next area.

tricky path 2

into next area

We enter the tower of flying Moos.

After using up a dream sprite, we now have to chain double-jump to get to higher locations.

tower of moos 1

A moment later, we get our final doll piece!

last doll bell

Those Goomis make this part more trickier than I expected...

goomi group

But we make it to the top!

at the top

I hear more vague laughter, is it coming from the paintings?

mirror chamber

It's a really long drop!

down to the depths


at the bottom

Now that we're in the lower part of the house, the music's changed.


There are three rooms we need to enter: an Erbil room, a Likuri room, and a Boomie room.

The dot in the middle of the carpet is a switch that toggles where we should go.

Each room has to be approached in a certain order. For the Erbil room, we need a Boomie to get the creature there. To get the Likuri, we need an Erbil to break the boxes blocking the upper ledge.

boomie room

erbil room

likuri room

Now we need to grab the Likuri and absorb the other two creatures and back to the green room we go to break the blue crystal there.

I bring the Boomie to the Likuri room, absorb that, go to Erbil room, and grab that, and I finish the puzzle!

*sighs* These puzzles are one of the reasons why I avoided this level in my previous playthroughs.

beyond the doors

Beyond the doors is another reason...

another mirror 2

Lolo: "We're almost there. Come on, Klonoa."
Klonoa: "Hey, wait. I see... something in there."

Oh no...

Lolo is alone now.

Illusions of priestesses materialize... ☹

They bully her...

This part is making my skin prickle...

Now Baguji materializes.

baguji mirror

I was correct. Baguji was the one who dubbed Klonoa the "Dream Traveler." And it was Baguji himself, or his boss, that put Klonoa in the Sea of Tears.

Baguji: "The power... of the ring... The Ring... shall bring peace to the world."

The ring goes to Lolo...

The priestesses laugh at her. ☹

This part was a bit painful to watch. When I first played through this level, it was as emotionally painful, maybe more.

blank mirror

Klonoa offers a hand. Lolo runs away.

not a priestess on my own

Popka looks sad too...

Lolo: "I know...that it was your power that got me the title, not me."

Lolo is trying to wipe her tears away...

Lolo: "I'm so sorry... so sorry..." 😔

vision clear