Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 4-2: Mountains of Mira-Mira ~Alpine Wonderland~

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After some boss battles as warm-ups, let's get started!

new path

The gang's now in the snowy realm of Mira-Mira.

in mira-mira

Lolo notices a city not far from where they're at, but the whole road is snowed in!

Popka decides to go into the the ring, bringing out his surprise!


Oh, Popka... 😔

Klonoa's face, though...

that's the board

Lolo is shocked by Popka's little act of thievery, and has her pious moment here.

oh goddess

Popka tells them to not "be [prudes]", and to use the hoverboard. Klonoa thinks long and hard.

klonoa thinking

Klonoa: "Well...why not?"

We're off!

vision start

I'm a bit neutral on Klonoa's theme here.

We get our first doll piece in between two spikeys!

This level introduces the big ramp-o-line!

down ramp

The cannon shoots Klonoa into the dragon statue's mouth!

inside tunnel

The tunnel looks nice, but it's a bit tricky to see the dream stones...

stained glass

The Mira-Mirans know how to decorate.

We get the second doll piece here!

klonoa out of dragon mouth

Out of the dragon's mouth, down to the snowy slide below, more spikeys!

We get the third doll piece on top of a mini-tornado!

We make a lot of trampoline leaps, and soon reach solid ground!


A lot of tree-shaped snowmen emerge to block our way!


We grab a boarder Moo and leap past the snowmen! On the second leap, we grab the fourth doll piece!

From a cannon, into a tunnel we go!

Now this is pretty...

candle cave

We grab another flyer to get up to the cannon...

xmas tree

...and end up sliding down and around a Christmas tree!

after xmas tree

We pass by another tunnel...


...and make it back out!

We grab the last two doll pieces in this area!


My thoughts exactly.

Klonoa: "Looks like this is the end."
Popka: "Where's the Bell of Indecision...? Huh? Ain't it around here somewhere?"

bell not here

Klonoa: "We should have stopped to ask in the town."

Popka notices something ahead, though.


That's a strange mansion... naq ubj! Vafvqr vf bar bs gur gevpxvrfg, naq ybatrfg yriryf va guvf tnzr!

Lolo and Klonoa decide to go inside that strange place.

vision clear

Here's the music for the cutscenes in this level (Moonlight Museum) (special thanks to Wonderswan!), and Klonoa's theme (Stepping Wind).

After replaying the level, I'll stop here, since the next level's going to be quite a heavy one.