Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 1-1: Sea of Tears ~The Encounter~

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The waves lift Klonoa up and down...

klonoa ko

Now two people appear, flying on an aircraft. Sadly, their faces are not obscured in darkness in this version.

?: "There he is!"
??: "No doubt about it! He's the one!"

The one sitting behind says "wait."

More "wow" noises (sebz tbbq by' Cbcxn)...

They see a duo coming out of the cave onshore.

?: "Who are they?"
??: "A priestess...?"
?: "Should we get rid of them?"
??: "No. We can't risk dropping the ring. Very well. We shall just wait and see."


Klonoa gets up.

klonoa up

The text spoiled the fact that the priestess is Lolo. She asks Klonoa if he's okay.

Klonoa: "Uh, um... yeah... at least... I think so..."
Lolo: "Thank goodness! I'm Lolo. I'm a priestess... well... a priestess-in-training. And this is Popka."
Popka: "Yo!"

the ones who saved me

Klonoa thanks them and introduces himself.

Lolo: "So Klonoa... that's the name of the Dream Traveler."

Fb vg jnfa'g Onthwv jub puevfgrarq Xybabn nf fhpu. Yhangrn xabjf nobhg fhpu n crefba.

Klonoa tries to deny being some sort of divine being, but Popka senses a creature lunging!

That was close!

Lolo asks Klonoa for their help.

Lolo transforms into the Ring Spirit. The transformation I mentioned last game was a reversal version of this one.

spirit into ring

Popka tells him our goal: to go to the island ayonder.

island yonder

Klonoa: "What is this place?"

vision start

And after 20 years, the reprise of this playthrough begins!

Like the last game, I break an egg, and double jump twice to get more dream stones.

So mini-tornadoes are exclusive to this game, huh?

mini tornado

We run into our first snag.

Popka: "Hold it right there!"

ledge is high

Popka gives us our first pointer.

nab moo

Klonoa: "You mean... do a double jump? Hmph, I already know that!"
Popka: "That so? Well, show me whatcha got, hotshot!"

When I played the demo, I got stuck on this part, and had to drop it. It wasn't until I rented the game eventually that I managed to succeed getting on that ledge.

Ledge climbed! I pop the first bell in a bubble, and get the first piece of a Zbzrgg doll!

After using a tornado to get more stones and a heart, we enter the cave.

The cave's beautiful and luminous...


We run into a Goomi, an object that can keep us stuck to it as long as Klonoa fires a bullet on it.

At the bridge, a Big Moo blocks our way, and I grab the loot above him. I use the tiny Moo to get up on another ledge and into the Fordon cannon.

So the taunt buttons (L and R) also work here too.

I use a runner bird to hit an egg in the background instead of using it to get a second piece of the doll here.

Using a cannon, we make it back to the foreground and break a box with a trampoline Moo. The trampoline Moos here are pink instead of yellow this time.

Outside, up to the ledge to another cannon!

Klonoa has a lot more to say than "wa-hoo" this time in the sequel!

We enter the cannon, and land on a seagull named Polly!

polly 1

The music is definitely the best part here.

polly 2

I do like the fact that the starting level starts as a "dark and stormy night" feel (though cliched to some), in contrast to the beautiful daytime greenery in the first game.

After we land, we get a fourth piece of the doll from a hidden egg.

This is the first time where Klonoa does not thank someone for a ride.

dream sprite

A dream sprite challenge! Let's see if I can make this one!

I do!

At the end, we break open another egg, revealing a doll piece!

We're back outside!

near island

The island's close!

I use a runner bird to get to a bouncing tornado, and a flying Moo.

We fire the Moo at the egg, revealing the last doll piece!

last doll piece

at island

This level felt shorter than I expected, maybe because I know it too well, or maybe it's because of time...

We slide down using the branch, and we meet Popka at the end.

ring bell

Klonoa: "This thing? Well, okay."

bell to ring


i did it

Popka: "That's the Spirit Bell for priestesses. Only those with enough spirit power can make it ring. So if ya make it ring, you're a full priestess."

lolo dance

Popka mentions our next destination: back to good ol' Baguji (gung znavchyngbe) the Wise!

Klonoa asks who that is.

Popka: "The best prophet in Lunatea, that's who!"

Klonoa repeats the name of this world he's in now.

lunatea huh

The save theme plays again. Such memories...

Here we are at the minimap. This game, I think, is the first where the Klonoa games actually used one.


Here is the Sea of Tears music, the Sea of Tears music in caves, the music that plays mid-level (Going to Lunatea), and the minimap theme (Lunatea Waltz).