Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 4-1: Ishras Ark ~On To Mira-Mira~

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Rewatching the Baguji cutscene and some warm-ups first.

Now we can access the path to the ark.

let's go

That's a beautiful shot.


There's the ark, all covered in moss.

three engines

Klonoa: "All right, let's give it a try!"

vision start

The piece for this level is one of my favorites in the game overall. In contrast to the tension of the last level, this one's a breather...

A masked trampoline Moo, and the lancer Moo make a return! Along with an Ow-Gow lurking in a nearby pipe!

We take the Jetimo and fly outside!

I nearly forgot the huge scale of this ship.

huge engine

We jump up using multiple big-o-lines to stunning heights!

Then, we cross over to a cannon, which launches us to two more cannons! The devs really wanted to show the scale of the ark here!

cannon leap

We're introduced (or re-introduced) to the Likuri, a flying creature with crystals on its back!


How the Likuri works is if I have Klonoa throw it to a nearby enemy, the Likuri glows yellow.

likuri yellow

Since there's a nearby crystal that matches that color, I have Klonoa throw the Likuri at it!

Next area, we jump on the small trampoline and use the mini-tornadoes to get the doll bell here.

doll bell

Seeing an egg, we get a flying Moo, and get an extra life!

The design of this ship is pretty original.

Inside, I see an egg tucked off into a corner, but can't take any enemies there because the passage there is too short.


After yellow, two enemies make the Likuri blue.

But, there's a short window of time where the Likuri is absorbing the enemy before going back to us, and taking advantage of that...

enemy inside gap

We can get an enemy past the gap!

In the egg is another doll piece!

I turn the Likuri blue with the two nearby Moos, and cross through!

likuri blue

Another cannon later, we make it in front of the door to the first engine!

first engine door

We cross over to the other side, and encounter a Likuri with three others, and a red crystal!

likuri again

Looks like the devs are now giving us a pointer.

red crystal

And we meet (or re-meet) a Burnie!

After getting hurt twice, we leap up, head outside, and grab the key on the platform!

key outside spinner

The devs are generous with the hearts, knowing Klonoa can only have three of them.

The trip down to the engine is a calm but swiveling ride.

first engine ride

Here we are!

first engine

We need to find a Likuri to activate the engine here, and it has to be at full charge.

The Likuri's on the west end.

After a bad start, we get the first engine running!

first engine running

Lucky the flamethrowers aren't working...for now.

A Glibz awaits us, but we pass him easy.

We get on the platform, and activate the odd-looking switch, which officially activates the first engine!

Now off to the next one!

cannon to two

We head east, and get on another cannon, past tree-like pipes, taking us down to a lower part of the area.

Another Jetimo ride later...

jetimo ride

...and we go west, but since the second engine isn't up yet...

spinner at engine two

We take the key, and go to the other side using a flying Moo, and get a third doll piece from an egg!

After a dream sprite challenge, we jump back all the way down, and open the engine room.

engine room two

The ship's blending well with the overgrowth.

We go up this time...

engine two

I have to figure out this puzzle next. It's not hard, but I have to be careful not to get trapped, and not to mistime the throw. A few rounds later, we turn on engine number two!

spinner two on

Seeing a higher ledge, I jump there and use the Likuri to get to the corner, and collect the circle of dream stones guarded by a Glibz.

Now back down...

We break the red crystal...

red crystal break

...and activate turbine number two!

turbine switch two

turbine two

We use the red Goomi (which move) and head to engine number three!

The yellow switch might be a toggle to raise or lower the lift.

lift three

We need the little Boomie though, to get us up there.

But, it pushes Klonoa down and we lose a life!

After raising the lift, we reach the cannon at the top. We go inside the west tunnel.

This is going to be a tricky one now...

tricky puzzle

We go west and use a nearby Moo to break open an egg with the fourth doll piece!

Conveyor belts make a return in this game!

We take a lancer Moo, and a cannon above takes us to another higher part of the ship.

upper pipes

Time for some acrobatics...

At the end, there's an Erbil floating high near a box. Since the engine's not on yet, we cant reach it.

Another long way down...

long way down

The distance is too great to reach the stones, ah well.

key get

We grab the key, and take a cannon back to the start of the third engine.

Curious, we go east, crossing the drum platforms this time, and avoiding the spikes from the monster in the background.

We double back and catch a Boomie, carefully but quickly going up to that ledge!

doll bell five get


I almost let Klonoa fall on the way back!!

I raise the lift after getting on it to attempt another dream sprite challenge, missing a blue stone inside an egg!

Off to the third engine!

to engine room three

This shot below is one of the few reasons why Klonoa 2 was quite unforgettable.

engine room three

Now turning on the last engine is the trickiest part of the game.

engine three

But it's no problem, as we activate the final engine!

spinner three on

Now to activate the third turbine...

We make the long trek back to the higher parts of the ship.

The swinging platforms are now on, good!

Now that this engine's working, we can reach the Erbil, and as I guessed, the ledge where the last doll piece is!

to last doll bell

The flying Moo, thanks to the engine, can now reach us!

We make it back to the spinning fan platform, and activate the lift! It's not enough height to reach the turbine switch!

With a late-spawning Moo in hand, we make it!

turbine switch three

Now to turn on turbine number three!

will it work?

The aged, long-dormant turbines start spinning faster!

Popka: "They're goin', they're goin'!"
Klonoa: "All right! Here we go!"

What a mighty ship!

ship sails

There it goes...

Fbzr cnegf bs guvf zhfvp cynlrq urer srry yvxr fbzr ovg bs sberfunqbjvat tbvat ba...

Here's the music for Ishras Ark (Ark v.1). It's such a calming, beautiful piece.

What a good session tonight was!