Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 4-Pre: Veiled Future

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After warming up by taking on the last level (and retaking screencaps), we go to Baguji!

Baguji is in low-key (be snxr) shock when the gang tells him about the fake ring.


Klonoa does not want to wait! Baguji stops him from rushing out.

Baguji: "The Bell of Indecision lies in Mira-Mira, where strangers are not welcome. Even Leorina will be hard-pressed to get near it."

Popka wonders how to get there. We have no airship (and even with one, the area's covered in snow).

lake of seclusion

Vfuenf Nex, uhu?

Baguji: "It is said that this ark once traveled not only to Mira-Mira, but all around the world." Naq guvf vf cebonoyl jul gur Nex jnf erfheerpgrq yngre ba, uhu?

Baguji: "Perhaps you can use the ark...to get across the Lake of Seclusion. That is, if the ark still works."

ark around world

Baguji: "Once when the world was in harmony, the people moved freely between the kingdoms."

Popka doesn't believe that part. Lolo recalls that all of the kingdoms of Lunatea are detached from each other nowadays.

A dragonfly passes by. That's good attention to detail there.

Klonoa wants to head out.

i don't want her to save world

Popka: "Huh? Whaddaya mean?"

I'm guessing Leorina's definition of "saving the world" means something different to Lolo, and to us.

we are

Off to the ark we go!

Baguji: "Dream Traveler..."

Uh oh...

He gets up, which is the first time in-game where he's seen getting up.

future remains veiled

Baguji: "Your future remains veiled to me..."

I am suspicious of what he just said there.

Xabjvat gung Onthwv vf n chccrg bs gur erny nagntbavfg, gung yvar gnxrf ba n jubyr qvssrerag zrnavat.

He leaves.