Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 3-3: Volkan Inferno ~Imminent Danger~

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So we're going back to the city proper. Hopefully, this will be the same level, with a few twists.

let's go

vision start

The runoff drain and sliding ramps are now on fire! Drum platforms spawn from the pipes!

drain on fire

We get the first doll bell, and proceed!

first doll bell

Trampolines are now replaced by springs!

The whole corner street is on fire!

jetimo up

corner street

Oh no!

bot alive

Klonoa: "It's...still alive!?"

Popka repeats the George Lucas line once he sees that bot again!

Klonoa: "R-Run for it!"

In my previous playthroughs of this level, I wasn't terrified of this bot, but I remember feeling the pressure and difficulty kicking in.

As soon as we get the second doll piece, which I saw too late, Klonoa falls down to the street below!

dolphin statue

We almost get caught by that bot's laser at the dolphin statue square! There's a third doll piece floating above the flames!

We make it underground once again!

back to underground

Even the cellar floor's on fire here!

cellar on fire

Back aboveground!


Double-checking, we go back down into the cellar to see if something was missed!

Nope, to the rooftops we go...

bot back

...and it's back!!!

The pressure is on!

We fall again after getting the fifth doll piece!

Oh my goodness...

into building

Now, for the green rooftop! The bot starts sweeping the place!

last doll piece

We get the last doll piece, and make it to the last tunnel!

bot block way

I remember this part too well. I have to time Klonoa's jump carefully.

Along with what comes after... cannon, then the Jetimo up to the railroad tracks this time!

klonoa fall

Bot behind us...a train incoming...

We're surrounded!

klonoa hanging

klonoa hanging 2

klonoa hanging 3

to factory

Even now, I still nearly found that scene tense. Until years later, I couldn't figure out how Klonoa got out of that mess...

The reactors are finally shut down.

shutdown reactor

too close

You think so, Popka?

Popka points out no one in the city even bothered to turn off the reactors, mentioning their warlust.

Klonoa: "All they do is play, in Joilant. While they only fight, in Volk..."
Popka: "When ya think about it, they're all kinda strange."
Lolo: "But a priestess's power is necessary for the ring to function... so how did Leorina..." 🤔

how did she?

Here's the music for Volkan Inferno (Volk Burning), and the music for the chase.