Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 3-Boss: Volk Hall ~Mobile Tank Biskarsh~

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Back to the main hall we go...

hall open

Now that we have 6 dolls, a popup tells us to return to the Momett House.

First, we have to go back and get the Element. Nuns.

let's go

Popka tempts fate again, mentioning Leorina not in sight.

gang at hall

As the gang runs over to the console...

Alarm bells ring out!

volkan guard bot

Popka: "Uh-oh! It’s a Volkan guard bot!"

boss start

I noticed we're fighting this bot in the table, or the barrier, of the Parliament of Volk!

Its weakness is the open panel on top of its head!

boss hit

In a way, this boss is the equivalent of Gelg Bolm, with more camera action!

I forgot, this bot can fire missiles too!

Phase two, it self-inflates tires to roll Klonoa over!

boss phase two

I also remember just now Klonoa can walk through the big-o-lines!

Game, set, match!

The fireworks for this boss were a lot brighter this time!

boss wreck


Leorina: "Ah, well done."
Klonoa: "Huhi?"
Leorina: "Those reactors you shut down were merely decoys. This fight was all I needed from you, really."


Klonoa: "Whahoo...?! (Wha...?!) A ring...?!"

Klonoa and the gang jump down.

Klonoa: "A fake ring! What do you plan to do, Leorina?"
Leorina: "What am I up to? Hmph! Isn't it obvious?"

bell ring

element get

The Red Element of Discord is in Leorina's possession now.

The whole hall shakes. It seems a power overload is happening...the console's blowing up, left and right!

there go reactors

Leorina: "Surely an inevitable outcome, given our haste. Who cares? Volk was destroying itself anyway."
Lolo: "Leorina! Give the Element back!"
Leorina: (turns to Lolo) "Go home now, little one. I will save your precious world."

Her evil laugh would give a certain character a run for his money.

Popka doesn't hesitate to go after her.

But Lolo stops...

lolo sad

Lolo: "No... This isn't right. We have to shut down the reactors!"
Popka: "Great time ta grow a conscience!"

She calls to Klonoa.

klonoa nod


Off they go!


bot last shot

The brass and percussion were in overdrive with this boss theme.