Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 3-2: Underground Factory ~Bowels of the City~

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While Klonoa was jumping from cannon to cannon in the city rooftops last session, I remembered seeing a billboard promoting a missile, giving it a cute face and everything. Thinking about it, that is quite horrifying...

Anyway, off to the underground.

let's go

Another dynamic entry into the depths of Volk.

dynamic drop vision start

The music here is a sonorous clash of metal and chaos.

We're re-introduced to the spring trampolines in the first Klonoa game.

We take a makeshift gondola past an empty area, and encounter stinger insects!

Before going up the makeshift ledge to another gondola, I check and see a huge pipe. Oh boy...

We feed the Ow-Gow a Moo, and go down again.

big moo

I use the big Moo here to get up to the scaffolding, and as we cross westward, we wake up a Moo, who walks away...

...only to be eaten by an Ow-Gow! This time, there's two Ow-Gow side-by-side!

Lucky two soldier Moos spawn, and we feed them to the Ow-Gows!

We collect our first doll bell, containing the first piece out of six.

first piece get

The lock-and-key feature returns! In the sixth (or fifth) level, no less! If I remember, the fifth level was when we were introduced to the lock-and-key.

lock and key


The propaganda recruiting posters look ominous.


And an old creature, the Boomie, returns here! So the factory is its debut level in this game.

boomie throw

We throw another Boomie at a switch at a fence, opening the door!

Next stop, more Boomies, and with their help, the second doll piece is ours!

second piece get

We use the cannon to go across the assembly line, but it seems we need to get a Boomie in this area to get the key here.

We take a cannon back, and throw one across!

It seems there are two types of Boomies: the light purple ones have a short fuse, while the big burgundy ones take awhile to set off.

door open

The devs are giving us flashbacks to the Temple of the Sun with this crossing.

lava crossing

A little and big Boomie spawn in the next area. Seeing off in the distance a Boomie rock, I know what to do.

Next area, it seems this is where the Volkan soldier bots are made... ☹

volkan soldier bots

We use up a dream sprite and notice a third doll bell in the middle of the gondola crossing.

We grab the flying Moo and jump up to get the doll piece!

After collecting a blue dream stone at the top of the mini-whirlwind stack, we enter into another assembly line.

This is the phase where the soldier bots get turned into big missiles...

We use the spring and see a stack of boxes and another doll piece!

fourth doll piece

We enter into another ride!

ride 1

There's a lot of steam and hot flames in this area...

ride 2

At the end of the ride, we see another doll piece!

fifth doll piece

Miniboss: Super Tatbot/Robo-Tat

The platform descends, and we end up in a circular arena.

platform descend

It seems we're not alone either...

caught ya tat

Caught you in the act, Tat! You're planning something with those reactors, aren't you?

She says nothing about that.

come and get me

Now we have to play Whack-a-Tat! The miniboss music sounds a bit too lighthearted for such a level like this one...

super tatbot

We have to hit each of the bots before they start throwing electrified cannons at us!

bot miniboss

Tat slips and falls, telling us we "don't play nice." She jumps off the arena. Popka doesn't know what that's about.

platform floor open

The lift takes us deeper into the factory.

lava lands

This scene feels a bit too familiar: vg'f n cnenyyry gb gur Cevfz Pbeevqbe ragenapr onpx va gur svefg tnzr.

Oh no, those disappearing platforms make their debut...

vanish platforms again

We cross the moving gondola, jumping onto the vanishers once the gondola passes below them.

We manage to get the trio of blue stones below the gondola, and use an updraft to lift us up to more vanishers!

We make it, and cross to a stack of conveyor belts, using the dream sprite nearby.

cannon fire

The cannon lands us near a single file of little Boomies...

single file boomies

A big Boomie spawns next, along with a Big Moo beyond. The last doll piece is perched on the top ledge.

last doll piece

We exit west.

Hope this cannon takes us to the reactor...

hope cannon

It launches us to another sliding ramp. Off to another cannon!

cannon fire 2

Cannon number three...

...I notice the three-star Volk logo hovering below Klonoa.

door to reactor

This is probably the door to the reactor room.

reactor room

It is.

this it?

Second reactor shut down!

The typo appears again.

leorina not here

Don't tempt fate, Popka. She could be up to something.

vision clear

Here is the main theme for the Underground Factory (Volk Factory), and its second theme (Echo of the Factory).