Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 3-Intro: Volk Hall ~Two Reactors~

As a warm-up, I take on the two previous bosses and view the Baguji cutscene again.

volk hall

Into the city hall of Volk we go!

let's go into hall

The first shot of Volk we see is the tower holding the copper Bell of Discord.

Klonoa: "Well... that wasn't too difficult."

bell tower

Popka, however, sees something...

The gang hide!

leorina typing

There's Leorina typing on the console!

power out

The power shortens out!

Leorina: "We need more power... But there's no way to tell when it will explode..."

She calls Tat to check on the reactor. Tat asks which one: in the city or underground. Leorina says to check both. What she says next is pretty villainous.

Leorina: "Overload them if you need to. A Volkan city or two is a small price to pay for a copy of the ring."

Klonoa's in shock at Leorina's plan to make a duplicate of the ring.

fake ring

Looks like this story's getting both interesting and terrifying so far.

I have a feeling that Leorina knows we're here.

Tat leaves.

Popka wants to go in, full offense. Lolo's not going in there, though, mentioning the reactors could blow up.

Klonoa agrees.

Klonoa: "Fighting them is a waste of time. We have to go to the source of the problem!"
Lolo: "Well... She did mention that neither reactor... was running at full capacity yet."

let's start with that

The gang runs off to one of the reactors!