Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 3-Pre: To Volk and War

I save before heading into Baguji's island.

she has data

Lolo: "What do you think she plans to do with the data, Master Baguji?"

Baguji meditates...

He sees something...

volk has something to do

Ah yes, that place: Volk.

Lolo: "A place where the fighting never stops...ever. People there live to fight."

Popka wonders how to get in the city because of "the civil war goin' on"?

Baguji suggests entering underneath the city.


Popka calls this sneaking "real cloak-and-dagger stuff." Oh, Popka.

okay let's go

Klonoa's second trademark phrase, "Rupurudu" makes its way in-story again. Every time he says that, things go wrong later on...

I don't save at this point because I want to see this cutscene again for next session.