Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Bonus: Momett House

As a little bonus for completing Joilant, we open up the Momett House!

momett house map

We go there, where the showman introduces himself, saying he's a fan of Klonoa and his adventures.

momett 1

fan of you

Momett: "Oh, pardon me! I'm Momett, the Showman of Memories. I make various attractions based on memories for everyone to enjoy."

He offers us to try one of his attractions.

Now he mentions the dolls...

have you seen dolls?

Momett: "I created some Memory Dolls, you see...But they all ran off shouting, 'We want more memories!' I suppose they're having grand old adventures of their own now."

But he mentions how the dolls are not "sturdy," and asks us to return them if we see them. Thank goodness I've been collecting! Momett gives us a surprise if we get half of them, and a bigger surprise if we get all of them!

So here are the attractions Momett has: a Boss Time Attack, and an artwork viewer. In order to unlock an image from there, though, we need to get 150 dream stones per level.

momett menu

I try my hand at Leptio under a clock this time.

Meeting Momett was one of the ways one could replay bosses.

Here's Momett's theme (Quenchless Curiosity).