Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Vision 2-Boss: Joilant Plaza ~Leptio the Flower Clown~

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The plaza dot's marked red: my second favorite boss (and easiest one) shows its face...

plaza dot

Let's see if I can beat this boss like how I did a long time ago.

let's go

The bell tower's open!

bell tower open

And on the top, is Leptio the Flower Clown, one of Leorina's lackeys.

leptio up top

Here we go!

vision start

He splits into four!

The real one is the one that's twirling while jumping!

We manage to hit him five times in a row! But, I stop him from getting up and splitting into four again!

boss hit

Phase two...

cage spikes

He summons and covers himself in a cylindrical box full of spikes!

Now to tip the clown over...

...and to hit him from the box's underside!

This boss's more faster than I remember him being...or maybe I underestimated his wheel-running skills.

it's a hit

Round two's easy!

Round three...he's done!

boss finish

vision clear

But, a familiar theme plays, and something materializes in the middle of the ring...


The light goes to Leorina!

data leorina

Leorina: "Thanks to [Leptio] and Tat, I have sufficient data from the ring."
Tat: "Thanks a bunch! Ha ha!"
Leorina: "You can keep the Element as a souvenir. Until we meet again..."

They fly off...

Klonoa: "What data?"

Back to the bell tower...

Klonoa: "So I aim here, and..."


bell of joy ring

The Bell rings out, with the patrons looking on...

We get the second element! The Yellow Element of Joy is ours!

Popka reminds the gang to be more careful with the Elements.

Lolo: "It'll be fine! Leave it to me!"

The first Element drops from her other hand!

element drop


Here's the music for this boss.