Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - Opening

Oooh, I'm so excited to replay this game!

So, for a brief history, this was the second full PS2 game I played (Casper: Spirit Dimensions was the first), and the very first PS2 game I played, as a demo, a long time ago. I've replayed this game so many times that the emotions might come back in some scenes. Let's hope I remember how to ace through the bosses by heart.

title screen

Title screen!

I fix up some settings before I get started. Tutorials off, and auto save off (even though they helped a few times, I still do not trust them)! Controls set, and here we go!

Even after almost 20 years, the opening music sounds beautiful (Special thanks to Katesune for posting the Klonoa 2 soundtrack on YouTube).


"There's a forgotten dream.
Was it a dream I can't remember?
Or a dream I won't remember?
Have I forgotten the dream?
Or has the dream forgotten me?
But there surely was a dream...

A voice calls to Klonoa.


First (or second) time I saw this part years ago, that scene gave me the shudders, and I couldn't sleep soundly that night.

Klonoa falls into the ocean...