Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - Vision 2-2: Beyond the Backwards Waterfall ~The Kingdom of Jugpot~

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I noticed something while playing the Switch version of the second level. Gur svefg obff urer (Ebatb Ynatb) vf whfg na rnfvre irefvba bs bar bs gur obffrf va gur frpbaq tnzr. Gubhtu gurer ner qvssreraprf, fbzr bs gurve nggnpxf ner n ovg fvzvyne, fhpu nf whzcvat nebhaq gur neran, naq gurve fubpxjnir.

vision start

This is the first time I've seen these drum platforms in a long time...

moo drum

Now how do we get to the higher ledges?

A water spout nearby pushes us up!

We get to higher ground, and Klonoa sees the most unusual sight: a waterfall flowing upward!

waterfall flowing up

We get a long shot of the waterfall.

waterfall long shot

Now what could be the cause of this?

Huepow suggests going to the castle for answers.

I find our first friend, and another scenic shot!

first friend location

After taking some damage, we rescue our second friend at the bottom edge of the waterfall.

Either the rocks or controls are getting slippery, or it's just me.

Inside the waterfall, we're greeted by more spike spewers, and they're not cute.

I take a manta ray creature on the east side of the area, and use him to get an extra life and a third friend saved!

fourth friend bubble

Now this is going to be tricky...

outside again

After rescuing friend number four, we slip and fall down the waterfall...

The Moo on the rock above the tunnel below leaves after we leap from the side rock.

Another long gap to reach...

gap dream sprite

Ooh boy...

I miss the flying Moo, and end up going down. Ah well, that was a tricky jump anyway.

We make it past more thin columns, but I end up sending Klonoa to the water. 😦

It takes me a couple of tries, but I end up acing the dream sprite challenge, and passing the moving drum platforms here...

entrance to castle

We're now in the castle's entrance.

Now there's only one way to go but down.

Or two ways, since there's another friend to save, but the bubble is way on the other side.

fifth bubble far

Timing is everything!

Heading east, we let the spout push us up to the ledge.

We end up sliding down a fun, fast stream, an improv water slide, filled with indestructible spikeys.

exited water slide

I suddenly realize why the big yellow Moo's here, and with his help, get the last friend of the level, and full health!

Down another water slide!

another water slide

I can't fight the current to get the remaining stones here!

Now more spikeys are blocking the rocky pillars! As I pass through, they rotate, possibly to push us off!

But we pass them easily, and make it back out!

save me

We free the fish!

Klonoa asks what happened.

Fish: "Well, weirdos came here and messed up the castle."

Huepow jumps to the same conclusion as I do: Ghadius!

The fish offers a ride to take us to the castle. She wants us to save her mother too.

Huepow thinks the fish's mother is "under some evil spell." Ghadius.

Klonoa jumps on!

i'm karal

Klonoa and Huepow make their acquaintances to Karal, and we enter the seashell castle.

into the castle

Boss: Pamela and Seadoph

I'm expecting another boss fight...

leap out

Klonoa: "So this is the castle..."

And I'm right!


The "king" introduces himself as Seadoph. And he knows us because he's working for Ghadius!

He summons Pamela, Karal's mother.

pamela red eyes

Oh no...Huepow's right. She is under Ghadius's, or Seadoph's, spell.

Seadoph gets on Pamela, and it's on!

boss start

The rolling iron spiked balls aren't helping either.

While we leap off a spike ball, Pamela lunges! Owch!

I realize what to do: I use Seadoph, wait until Pamela lunges, and throw him back at her!

Half health, Pamela's shooting bubbles into the air and letting them drop on us!

Four hits, easy win!

vision clear

That was close, though...

Pamela rises from the water...

pamela saved

Her eyes are blue now. We saved her!

Joka comes back and he's not happy we beat the King of Jugpot.

Joka jumps furiously, calling Seadoph every name in the book.

Klonoa shuts Joka up, using the wind bullet to push him into the water.

seadoph back

So King Seadoph was brainwashed too...

ghadius plotting

He points out Granny's also in danger.

Seadoph: "Granny knows a lot about ancient legends...she should know something about the Moon Kingdom."
Klonoa: "And that's why Jugpot's water was made to flow backwards..."
Huepow: "To kill off Forlock Forest!"

Klonoa decides they have to go back to Forlock before Ghadius does.

Seadoph reverses the water flow so we can make the trees healthy and cross the Ferry there.

He calls on Karal to take us back to Forlock!

That's an epic shot right there!


And we're back!

ty karal

We now take a leaf up to the higher parts of the forest...

Hoo, that was a tense level. Sort of short, but still tense.

I use up another save slot just in case I want to go back to Jugpot again.