Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - Vision 2-1: Deep In The Dying Forest ~Forlock, The Tree Village~ (Pages 1-2)

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For comparison's sake (and because I want to play it), I played the Switch version of the first level of the game.

I have a lot to say about that version, both good and bad, but I'll keep that stuff unwritten. Let's keep going on the old hardware, or an emulator emulating old hardware...

vision start

The music sounds jungle-like here.

A Moo with a lance on a shield lunges at us! It takes two tries, but I manage to use him to get more blue stones.

There's lots of tiny platforms here...

With a copter creature's help, we rescue our first friend in this area!

Past the first checkpoint, floating, standable leaves sway and fall...

leaves sway

There's a lot of prizes to reach on the tree trunk in the background...

Belowground, we get our next friend out of another egg!

With care, I take a spawning Moo, and rescue another friend from an egg far off in the distance...

Inside the tree, a lot of swingers swinging on vines.

inside tree

I take another path out of the tree, but I get hit, and start over from the swaying leaves.

Back at the tree, I go forward and run into another snag.

locked door

It's been awhile, but I'm guessing the second game has locked doors like this one here, huh?

There's a hard to reach stone here.

I end up losing another life. I do like the animation of Klonoa, stars around his eyes, waving a white flag...

With clever planning, I manager to get the stone! Taking a Moo from outside the tree and getting a swinger mid-air did the trick!

Now how to get out of here?

Seems the only way through was hitting the locked door, since someone halts us again.


The guard leaps, and calls Klonoa an intruder, pitchfork-ready!

Klonoa intros himself, and the guard apologizes, noting "strangers" in the forest.

Klonoa: "Wunya muni? (Strangers?)"

As the guard points out, we need a key. But where to find one?

key get

Thank you!

The guard tells us "one key, one door". Yup, just like in every other game!

door unlock

Outside again, I have some fun using the nearby Moos as jump boosts.