Illusion of Gaia - Part 9: Freedom

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I have Will transform into Freedan and continue onwards in the dungeon!

Now we meet the enemy that finished us off last time!

skeleton old nemesis

I make careful work of the skeleton, staying away from his range as best as possible.

Once I take care of the floating skull, the pathway forward is clear!

Now for the remaining enemies in this area...

...and I win a Defense Boost!

Unfortunately, as Freedan, I can't play Grandma's melody, as he doesn't have a flute to play.

I organize the Red Jewels before proceeding back to Dark Space, to have Gaia heal us, and save at this point.

Into the next doorway, where I'm in a castle hallway. A prompt tells us something:

goodbye freedan

So once all the enemies are taken care of, it's goodbye, Freedan...

freedan kneels

...and Freedan kneels down, turning back into Will!

back as will

Nothing in the barrels to pick up.

Ahead, we see someone...

who is this?

Could this person be friend or foe?

We walk towards the person, it's a girl!

you change chg shape

So she can also change form as well, huh? She introduces herself.

Lilly: "I'm Lilly. An Itory girl protected by the Flower Spirit."

By the color of the font, this girl was the fairy, or the dandelion, we hit while moving the statue! She might've also been the one who helped us open the door in the button puzzle!

But she has other questions to ask Will...

how do you knwo abt melody?

Will explains about his Grandma teaching him that melody.

Lilly mentions she had her pie. Grandma Grandma, always the experimental chef...

Will's in shock that Lilly knew his Grandma!

Lilly: "Actually, she asked me to rescue you!" What?

We hear a warping noise...

That's a call from the Elder of Itory. Lilly leaves to meet him. She greets Will goodbye.

Lilly turns back into a flower and flutters away...

Back at Edward's Castle again...

back in celler

By the darker shade of the castle walls, it's nighttime...

more patrols

More patrols, dangit!

There's a maid on the second floor, but she doesn't stop us. I'm betting she knows there's something different with the King.

take kara

The romantic couple's still hanging out before the tower.

Looking at the scenery at the wall, it's pretty nice at night!

nice scenery

But I make it to the Princess's room, where the patrolman guarding the room is sleeping...

The Princess is overjoyed to see us!

of course you've come

Kara reveals the guard's nickname. Hee...

Kara: "Was the guard asleep outside? His nickname is 'Old Snorehead.' Sleeping again."

Will mentions Hamlet with Kara.

Kara introduces her pig to Will. She calls Hamlet "cute." She also mentions another quality of Hamlet's.

pig power

"Pig power"?

Kara: "Please, take me out of here!" Will do.

Together, with our new ally, we make our way downstairs.

will and kara

I notice that whenever I have a Red Jewel equipped and I use it, they go straight to the Jeweler Gem!

I do the same with the second Red Jewel.

So Kara has no stats...

As soon as we get down, I find a typo of Kara's name as Kara stops us...


She asks us to come along to the cellar to get some food.

We do so, and inside an open barrel, we find more food.

large leg of yak

I've never tasted yak before...I wonder how large the roast yak leg is?

Kara tells us we should head out asap.

I feel like we need to bring more food...the leg of yak might not be enough.

We finally make it back to the front doors again...

at last we leave

Kara suggests going back to South Cape to visit Grandma Grandma and Grandpa Bill.

back to south cape